Friday, 1 November 2013

A Guest Post from Paul (aka "The Blue Hornet"): Freddie and Paul Like the Same Things.

Freddie doesn't like it when Heather goes off to work out in the morning. He hides under the bed. I hide in bed.

Eventually he reconciles himself. The position of his tail here shows that he's ready for a walk, even though it's with me and not Heather.

Once we're underway he finds a way to tell me that he's sorry for hiding and that he does actually like me. Just not as much as Heather. I like Heather better than me too. It's another thing Freddie and I have in common.

Freddie likes crosswalks,

mail drop boxes,

and running through the leaves. Me too. I like them without sniffing them.

He doesn't like this grating and he's pissed that I'd even suggest he put a paw on it.

He likes posing for pseudo-arty photographs, which I like to take,

and he likes playing with other dogs, any dogs, even if only for a minute or two (Freddie has had his two minutes with this one -- hey Freddie, just because a dog has short legs ...).

Freddie refused to pose here. He doesn't like so-called bookstores that don't sell books. I'm with Freddie.

"I'll pose here, Paul. Take a photo." You got it, Freddie.

Freddie likes this cool entranceway so much that he won't look at the camera.

Freddie and I like hedge sculpture,

and classic bicycles (this one is an early seventies Apollo),

and, most of all, we love ...


  1. Aw, shucks. That's all I can say.

  2. Good to hear from you through the blog, Paul. Nice photos!

  3. Good sit-stays, Freddie! I'm pretty sure he would only do such exemplary work for someone he really, really loves.

  4. It's so good I can't stand it.


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