Monday, 4 November 2013

Wily Coyotes, 101 Dalmatians, and a Touch of Sweden: the False Creek seawall has it all!

Now, we're not yet on the seawall, but I think it was this striking juxtaposition of yellow and blue that got me thinking about Sweden this morning — that, and yesterday's mullings over homelessness. I know that Scandinavian countries have their problems with racism — and, yes, that's serious stuff — but making sure that everyone has access to shelter, food, good education etc. is something they seem to do very well. From what I've heard/read.

Paul is big fan of Sweden. Like me, he's never been there, but, if the character of a country's hockey players is any indication of national character, he may as well have been.

And here we are on the False Creek seawall, a lovely place to be this blue and gold morning. For Freddie, the experience goes beyond mere loveliness. The smell of the water? The other dogs out for morning strolls? The blowing leaves, the bicycles, the crows ...? To keep him just a little bit focused, we did "With Me" training, weaving around these wooden posts and tree trunks. Freddie enjoys it. Well, he enjoys the liver treats anyway!

Reflections on flat water: always photogenic!

Freddie the Crow Stalker, that's what they call him.

__________ are "smart, fast, and will take what they can get."
Fill in the blank as you see fit.

OK, this is the touch of Sweden I was referring to in the post title. And I can't for the life of me remember where I'm getting the phrase "a touch of Sweden" from. Is it a shop? An Ikea motto?* Anyway ... these little waterside wildflowers might not bear any resemblance to anything in the Stockholm skerries ... but that's what I thought of when I saw them.

*Paul claims "A Touch of Sweden" is an erotic massage parlour. Is he joshing me?

I confess: there weren't quite 101 dalmatians at Charleson dog park. I only counted 87. They camouflage extraordinarily well in the woodsy perimeter, considering their colouring. This younger one couldn't resist a romp, however.

Nor could this one.

(Oh, and if you happen to be down at Charleson Park and happen to find a stray Chuckit ball near the duck pond — ok, in the duck pond — Freddie would be grateful if you'd fetch it for him.)

False Creek skyscrapers — for some reason, this shot was a lot more interesting with the hulls of the boats cut out and just their masts showing. More emphasis on the upward energy, maybe?

Just about to head home.

"Are we really going up all these steps?" says Freddie. "I'm sort of tired."
"We are, Freddie. But first we'll pick up some Hallowe'en litter and turn it into this week's poll!"

Can you spot the candy wrapper?

For the others we found, check out the poll!

Wicked Café at 7th and Hemlock. Why, oh why do west-side cafés close so freakin' early in the evening? I bet Swedish cafés stay open 'til midnight. And give their employees full health coverage. And host literary salons every afternoon. With free soup. Yes?


  1. katherine headrick4 November 2013 at 15:31

    Oh Henry!!!! Has always been my favourite. And I don't generally like chocolate bars...

    1. Aren't Crunchie bars pretty close to Oh Henry??

  2. I can't see it!! waaaah.

    And, the only "A touch of Sweden" I know about is a sort of XXX movie (so Paul wasn't far off with his massage parlour reference). I haven't seen it, though, so I can't confirm whether the characters in the movie had good health care or access to education!

    1. Leigh is one of the rare people who can make such judgments simply based on viewing the movie. It's an uncanny ability.

    2. Re. the candy wrapper .... look at 12:00 from my foot!

      Re. the movie, I'm sure the XXX stuff is very socially democratic in its orientation.


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