Saturday, 2 November 2013

Showdown! Heather vs. the Ergometer ... and the Glucometer

While Paul and Freddie were out strolling the neighbourhood yesterday, I put in some time on the erg (rowing machine) at Kits Community Centre, and boy-oh-boy was that ... BORING. Yep, sadly, back-and-forthing on a stationary machine facing a (mostly empty) kiddies' playground fails to come anywhere near the zen-factor of a morning row on beautiful Burnaby Lake, or the fun-factor of a Rec quad in Coal Harbour .... but until we get our accommodations and finances settled down, this is where I'm doin' my scullin'! 

Here's the readout on the C2 computer at the end of my row. Roughly 10km in 51 minutes. Hardly spectacular, but, since my goal was of the "Just Do It" variety, I'm counting this as a victory. :)

And here are the post-row glucometer readings. These, too, I count as wins ...

... of the fleeting sort, of course. Here's Freddie, a few hours later, commiserating with me after letting me know that my blood sugar was tanking. Now, if that face doesn't beat a CGM* sensor in the butt, I don't know what does.  (*continuous glucose monitoring)

And, lest we forget that this is a walking blog ... here's Freddie on an outing to Ye Olde Shoppers Drugmart, to buy the test strips with which I feed my vampire — er, glucometer — its regular rations of blood. 

Still waiting. Freddie says the haircut I gave him isn't perfect, but he likes it better than most of the styles in Hair Show magazine.

Freddie modelling his waterproof jacket on a pre-dinner walk in the rain ... good Watch-Me, Freddie (though the anti-red-eye tool in iPhoto makes you look just a little demonic)!

 Día de los muertos, 2013.
 Couple walking in the rain

Nothing like a meaty bone on the bone mat to round off the day!

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