Friday, 15 November 2013

Outtakes from the Pilgrimage and Other Bits of Randomness

After our absurdly early rise for yesterday's WDD pilgrimage, Freddie and I took it easy this morning. Here are a few pics that didn't make it into yesterday's post, as well as a few from this morning's stroll ...

Ooh, yeah, it was DARK when we set out yesterday morning .... but quiet, and peaceful, and quite nice really.
Much later in the morning. Can never get enough rows of pretty autumn trees ...
Judging from my comments about Sweden etc., you may have guessed my political inclinations. So, yeah, I'm with this sign: PM Steve Harper et al can vamoose any time!

Windows on the World ...

Molson Brewery at 8:29 on a Grey Morning

Peace-loving Labradoodle

Freddie always looks just a little worried (ears down) in these posed shots. I'm hoping that with more practice he'll figure out that I'm not about to abandon him!
Burrard Bridge on a Grey Morning

Reunion by the Dock ...
Granville Bridge on a Grey Morning

Culture Clash

This shot is for my friend Jorge del Desierto in La Paz, Mexico (where Paul and I spent our last pre-Freddie writing holiday). Two things, Jorge: the "Sopa Sur" recipe, which reminds me of wonderful meals shared with you and Rosita ... and the Seaforth Armoury in the background, which you mentioned in a comment on this post. Abrazos!

(If anyone would like the recipe, I have a closer-up shot as well!)

Here's Freddie investigating a little windmill:

And here's what happened when the wind blew:

May all your surprises today be pleasant!

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