Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Freddie crashes the birthday party!

Before we get to the birthday party, a few pics from the conclusion of our afternoon with Gabrielle ...

Thinking (naïvely) that Freddie would at last be tired, I decided to take him home by Car2Go. We started walking in search of a vehicle. The first one we found was out of service; the second one was in use; the third was reserved. By that time, we'd already travelled halfway home, and I'd started to realize that Freddie wasn't the least bit tired. So we walked the rest of the way ...

over the Burrard Bridge ...

past the brewery and the armoury ...

past Chip Wilson's Empire HQ ...

to the north end of our own street, 
where some kind of mystery construction progresses ...

and finally HOME, where FINALLY
this Energizer puppy crashed!

And the next morning? Seizing the right-of-way, Part Deux (the south end)!

Here's Freddie doing what he likes best.

This contraption (below) has been here since 1967. Some wealthy hobby-scientist, siphoning electricity off the power plant pictured above, tried for over a decade to build a time machine. His niece, convinced that her uncle had succeeded in travelling to the 18th century and meeting one of George Vancouver's deck hands, worked on the machine for a while after the old man's death in 1974 but eventually gave up and went on to complete a PhD in physics. She has said that she plans to get back to the project some day.

Feathery ferns by the railway ties

At the intersection of the railway and 33rd Avenue is the Quilchena off-leash dog park, where we encountered ...

Birthday party bouncers, checking Freddie's ID!

Yep! It was a doggy birthday party! Finn the golden retriever turned one year old, and all the Quilchena dog park regulars came out to celebrate. I learned how difficult it is to capture fifteen or so hyper dogs in a single shot (figures I'd catch Freddie in butt-sniff mode)!

This is Finn's human, Helen.

She even had a treat bag for Freddie: one squeaky toy and a rope chew!

Here's Freddie offering birthday greetings to Finn.

On the way home I decided to try some off-leash walking, with recall practice, and Freddie was great.

Happy Tuesday (whether it's your birthday or not)!


  1. I read a story in the Globe last week that cited a history prof at UBC, who argues in a new book that the time travel actually happened, and that the meeting with the deckhand changed history. It doesn't seem plausible to me, but he claims that The Georgia Viaduct would never have been built otherwise, and he traces out a counter-factual history that he says is actually the "factual" history. It's wild what passes for scholarship these days. Apparently the physics department is sending a research team to look at the supposed time machine.

    1. I'll have to track down that Globe article. I hope they follow up with the Physics Department's findings. That could get interesting.


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