Monday, 25 November 2013

Meanwhile, back in reality ....

Freddie and I have settled back home after our whirlwind trip to Almirah — or, rather, the almirah (noun, Hindi origin, meaning a freestanding cupboard or wardrobe — congrats to "annel" for catching that one!). Many thanks to everyone who participated in, or followed, our first contest. If I'd allowed multiple entries, I'm sure all of you would have identified the Caspian village rug as an allusion to Prince Caspian. :) The wacky timetable of Almirah's trains was a nod to Lewis's treatment of time in the Narnia series. Winners, don't forget to send me your photo selection and address!

Movin' along ... regular readers will have noticed that Walking With Freddie does a certain amount of drifting in and out of alternative realities. Today's walk is pretty firmly planted in Van-City reality ... but if the images happen to send you on a whirlwind journey of your own, enjoy the trip!

OK, maybe not this trip.

Here's Freddie's version of the Abbey Road album cover.

Bicycle tracks through frost on a chilly morning

Have a seat ... and enjoy a short, fun history of chairs.

Reaching for the sky

Beauty beneath the bridge ...
... and misery, too. If you have any spare blankets or warm winter clothing, find somewhere to donate. Vancouverites, here's a collection program that's running 'til tomorrow (but there are plenty more).

Freddie on parole
Free as a bird
This photo is a teaser for tomorrow's post. Says Freddie: will you follow me down this beautiful, piney, mulchy trail? I just know it goes somewhere wonderful ...

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