Saturday, 16 November 2013

Looking up ... looking down ...

Today's post title sounds like our current real-estate life: "Oh, oh, oh! Mr. and Mrs. H might be making an offer! Better get all the paperwork together! Aaannnnd ..... hello? Mr. and Mrs. H? Are you there?? Hello? Aw, crap." Sigh. But, in fact, the post title was originally intended for the post photos, which document the more literal ups and downs of our morning walk ....

I considered cropping Freddie's paw from this shot, but that would have been ungrateful. It was thanks to his sniffing that I noticed how beautiful this clump of tree trunk vegetation was.

This same upward crow reappears later on ....
This rooftop shot took a ridiculous number of attempts for something that wasn't moving, but I like how it finally turned out.

Freddie the Leaf Stalker, that's what they call him.

Yellow Balloon

Collecting bottles in the back lanes of million-dollar houses ...

The Arbutus Space Station communicates with planets in distant galaxies. Its existence is top secret, but over several months of walking past, Freddie and I have figured it out.

The man looking at the ground was not a soldier; one of the Bessborough people had draped a jacket over him. His head was bleeding heavily, and they were looking after him. I have no idea what had happened. 

Here's that crow again ... scavenging bread off the ground.

Morning light ...
More curb-side beauty ...

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan


  1. Great work Heather! A curious mind, a compassionate heart and an appreciating eye.

    1. Thanks, Jim! The comment field doesn't seem to facilitate links, but in my next post I'm going to refer readers over to the professional work in your website/blog.


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