Monday, 11 November 2013

11:00 a.m., November 11, 2013

Well, if this doesn't look like a day to lay wreaths and blow laments on bugles and ponder the evil of slaughtering the living world over borders and oil, I don't know what does.
No poppies to be seen on this Remembrance Day morning walk, 
but plenty of red nonetheless ...

River of Gold

Back lane views ....
A few moments of silence ...

Private Archibald Burt, Highland Light Infantry, 1898 - 1916

Peace, everyone.


  1. Today's blog is very moving especially the remembrance of Uncle Archie. So many young lives lost in the W Ws and it continues today. Will we ever learn? Peace.

    1. I second your thoughts, Action1. I thought of Archie through the day, and also my stepfather, Cy, a WWII vet who passed away two years ago.


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