Monday, 18 November 2013

Freddie and Gabrielle do the West End!

Whew! One energetic kid + one energetic dog + one cool, dry autumn afternoon = lots of fun + one pooped companion! (Not sure what Gabrielle's mum, a mathematician, will think of my equation, but I'm sticking with it. ;-))

Gabrielle came over to our place early Sunday afternoon. From there, she, Freddie, and I made our way on foot back to her place in the West End.

We began with a brief romp in a tiny park, my goal being to exhaust Freddie's leaf-chasing zanies. The attempt failed, but we had fun nonetheless.

Here's Gabrielle operating a complicated and heavy-duty piece of railway machinery. She's a gymnast, and she's strong!
This is the park near Granville Island. 
Another attempt to banish the zanies. Another failure. More fun!

While the fidgety, muddy Freddie and I watched this Granville Island duck feeding ...

 ... Gabrielle admired the fancy rocks at Crystal Ark.
Granville Island busker

This guy sang in multiple octaves, played multiple instruments (often at the same time), and had the little girl in green dancing up a storm.

From here we headed to the False Creek ferry dock, to catch a boat over to the north side.
Payin' the ferryman ...

Bird's eye view of the ferry and north-side dock
(Thanks to the bird who flew my camera up here to take the photo!)

This was Freddie's first time in a smallish boat. He seemed to handle it just fine. I'm considering this a first step to having him cox a rowing scull!

Rowing, by the way, is the source of my connection to Gabrielle. Her dad and I met through the Vancouver Rowing Club's learn-to-row program, lo these many years ago, and I've had the pleasure of spending time with their groovy family ever since. :)
Back on terra firma!
Yet another attempt to tire Freddie out: running up and down this steep, leafy slope ...

Forced break for a blood sugar check ...
Not officially low, but close enough that I chowed a Dex (as did Gabrielle — sympathy snack!)

Recharge your electric car here.

Kids and dogs apparently have a much longer battery life.

The heart of Davie Village

Freddie feelin' the Rainbow Love

Davie Street crosswalk

(Some European city — Stockholm, right? ;-) — recently did something similar when Vladimir "I'm not homophobic; I have lots of gay friends" Putin came to town. As far as I know, this paint job isn't an act of protest — just some groovy community spirit.)
Freddie containing his excitement outside the Nelson dog park. Note the paw print in the sidewalk!
Unlike the dog parks that Freddie frequents, this one is fenced in and has sandy terrain. I'd read that interactions can get quite feisty in this park at certain times, but things were pretty mellow when we visited. Freddie had a good time and showed no signs of diminishing energy!

Bathtime chez Gabrielle!

(I should note that while Freddie was enjoying spa treatments and other delights, Gabrielle's poor kitty, Sterling, endured incarceration in his own kingdom!)

Dog training with attitude!

Gabrielle has prepared a selection of mini "treat eggs" that she will hide for a game of "Find It!"

Note the "Académie Culinaire" apron. Not only is this kid an athlete and artist; she's also bilingual!

Freddie and I had a great afternoon, and we're looking forward to our next outing with the feisty and multitalented Gabrielle! As for what he did with his remaining energy .... stay tuned!

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