Wednesday, 13 November 2013

At ease, soldiers ...

Monday's grey morning of Remembrance was followed by a crisp and sunny afternoon. Freddie and I made our leisurely way over to the new place to help David, our favourite painting writer, move a bathroom cabinet. I had no special theme in mind as I snapped photos, but several of these shots evoke an "at ease" quality ....

Hum the old Hockey Night in Canada theme song as you admire this classic scene.
(The part I'm thinking of doesn't get going until around 0:53.)

Army types heading back to Bessborough Armoury after the morning ceremonies.

Bessborough, by the bye, is the Deco building that appears at the end of this post.

That's the back of the armoury next to the shingled building.

Smoke Break in the Compound

Ghostly lichen
Just about to be released for some hardcore sniffing!

Oh dear.

This is the colour of the trim in our new place. Look for the name of the colour. Holy pre-political-correctness, Batman! Paul plans to use it in a novel or short story.

Flame tree in the community garden below our balcony (ok, not technically a flame tree, but it can pretend for another week or two) ...
Off Duty

Finally, a little meditation garden for the middle of the week ...

Take a deep breath ... listen to the rustle of the breeze through the bamboo ...

Ahhhh .... at ease

Stay tuned for a very special Walking With Freddie post tomorrow!

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