Saturday, 30 November 2013

Is my life in pieces? Plus the photo that got me in trouble ...

Oh dear — I'm not sure what it means that I first read the "bike" in this sign as "life." Fortunately, neither my bike nor my life is quite in pieces, but I'll make you a deal, DJ Cycles: you fix that obnoxious grating sound my brakes sometimes make, and I'll edit any obnoxious language errors I happen to encounter in your signs.

This one's a freebie. :)

(Can you spot Freddie?)
This photo cracks me up. Freddie, are you trying to sniff that bike's butt? I guess I can't blame you; it's a nice-looking bike.

Endangered Species

This photo could have gotten me into trouble, I guess — but it didn't.

And, in case you were wondering what's actually going on in the photo above, the shot below should give you a hint ...

Who says Romeo has to be Caucasian?
The person whose stuff this is could, with reason, have given me a bit o' shit for snapping this shot without explicit permission ... but he/she didn't.

The feature I was attempting to highlight here was the running rainwater. Not bad, but I'll keep trying.

Crows have chastised me (and Freddie) for encroaching on their territory, but this one seemed unfazed.

This one's my favourite composition of the day.

Before the December 6th Explosion
(Click here for a tense minute of Canadian history.)

And here, at last, we have it: the photo that caused a woman on the third floor of the building in the background to open her window and holler down at me to stop taking pictures. I said that I wasn't photographing anyone's apartment (though, of course, I have done that before), and she said she didn't care; I was violating private property. Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe I should have apologized. Instead I waved and carried on.

May your weekend be trouble-free!


  1. Good photo.

    Private property is theft.

    1. Commie. (That's one of the things I love about you.)

  2. Tell Mrs. Howard Beal that she can stop shouting out her window. The exterior of her building is in a public place (the street) and you have every right to photograph it. I believe the reasoning is that nobody's going to see anything in a photo taken from the street that he wouldn't see if he were just strolling by. Which you were.

    Now, I don't think you are allowed to profit (monetarily) from the images of people taken in public places unless you obtain a release form from them.

    So unless you start charging visitors to this site. . . I think you're in the clear!


    1. Excellent points. I don't have anything (much) against shouting out one's window — provided one has something worthwhile or entertaining to shout about. Mrs. Beale had neither.

      I've never actually seen Network. Should I?

      Now, if I thought anyone would pay to visit this site .... ;-)

    2. My favourite line from "Network": "I'm a man without a corporation!" -- spoken by Hackett, the just-fired TV exc played by Robert Duvall (scripted by Paddy Chayefsky and Sidney Lumet -- credit where credit is due).

      Yes, Heather, you should see "Network."


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