Sunday, 10 November 2013

A New Poll: Life Support for the Hollywood .... or not?

Congratulations! In view of the recent kerfuffle over the Hollywood Theatre, and because of your unique background and skills, dear Reader, Vancouver City Council has appointed YOU to a special committee that will decide on the Hollywood's fate.

No need for committee members to organize or oversee any of the logistics; all the City wants is a majority opinion from this select group. Of course, Council will need to limit the possibilities, but whatever option the Hollywood Theatre Special Committee chooses shall be put into effect immediately.

The options are as follows:

Repertory movie theatre (no substantial renovations)
Multi-faith church (sort of Unitarian-ish; no substantial renovations)
Live theatre (with varied offerings and renovations inside, including a bistro/bar)
Museum of Film Arts (major reconstruction inside)
Deluxe fitness centre (major reconstruction inside and out)
Lecture hall (talks, readings etc.; minor renovations inside)

To make your selection, please refer to the poll in the right-hand sidebar.

Freddie and the City thank you for your participation!


  1. I voted for the live theatre, mainly because of the bar/bistro option. A rep theatre would be great, but Pacific Cinematheque (currently showing the annual, fabulous European Union Festival selections) is already in trouble. Vancouver probably can't sustain another such film place. It can always sustain another bistro. It would be a dog-friendly bistro, of course.

    1. Hmm .... good point ... though I like the idea of having a rep theatre outside of downtown. And if the Hollywood were to screen Ridge-type films, there wouldn't be tooo much crossover ...


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