Sunday, 3 November 2013

Checkin' Out the Out-Backs

Freddie and I were still on daylight saving time when we headed out this morning, and it was dark, dark, chilly dark.

As a sort of companion walk to the neon lights of Granville Street, we decided to check out the lanes behind those swanky shop fronts.

This is Douglas Lodge, another heritage building, at 12th and Granville. 
Bricks and fire escapes — always photogenic!

The dumpsters were kind of groovy in their grittiness.

Dumpster Dawg / Dunny Dawg

Another view of Douglas Lodge. I was aiming for something Fred Herzog-ish here. Might have been better if I'd brought the shot right down to street level and managed to include some people. Still, I'm pretty happy with it.

This woman lives at least part-time in this park. I considered doing the photo in a grim-and-ghostly black and white. Then I thought: she's wearing a bright pink hoodie. Why snuff it out?

A city such as Vancouver should not have a homelessness problem. A city/country with the resources we have should provide a home for anyone who wants/needs one.

An individual with the resources and good fortune to own a home in Vancouver should not be whinging about self-inflicted real estate stress.

Slap upside the head to self. 

I did decide to do the woman's bench and gear in B&W.

Back door / Front door

(Frank's Barbershop has found a new home!)

This building makes me think of Rome. A crumbling old palazzo ...

Happy November, everyone! Seize the leaves!


  1. Great stuff Heather! I see a coffee table book in the future.

    1. Thanks, Jim! I see a coffee table book, too: photos by Jim Friesen, copyediting of jacket blurbs and captions by H. Burt. :)


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