Thursday, 31 October 2013

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway ... and Granville.

It was decidedly darkish, and wettish, when Freddie and I headed out this morning. I don't usually take him down Granville Street, but I thought a bit of city light might hit the spot ...

The cyclist I intended to photograph (before receiving the dead battery beep from my camera) was perfectly kitted out in screaming "Don't-Hit-Me" orange and yellow. This guy, on the other hand, is askin' for trouble on a morning like this!

This DKNY shop pretty much captures the sorts of commercial changes that have been afoot in the neighbourhood for some years now. I can't remember exactly which business used to occupy this spot. Mackinnon's Bakery? Tanglewood Books? The Normandy Diner? Maybe it was my good friend Dr. George's family business, Szasz Deli.
Here are a couple of shots of that classic Hungarian deli, courtesy of Dr. George:

Haute couture does Hallowe'en:

I like the blending of the old Stanley Theatre (turned movie cinema turned stage theatre once again) with the swanky shop mannequin. If you look down near the bottom, you can see yours truly ... unswanky as ever in rain jacket and fleece beanie.

The commercial activity over on busy, Kitsy, Lululemony 4th Ave., our new 'hood, won't be a perfect fit for us ... but there's a Kitchen Corner and a Home Hardware, a butcher, a baker ... and I'm pretty sure the Whole Foods at 4th and Vine sells beeswax candles!

Contrary to what regular readers might think, Freddie and I have not zipped back to Paris! This is — correction: was — the Café Crêpe at Granville and 13th (ish). It's closed down, and the space is up for lease.
What'll it be next? Gourmet chocolates? Designer clothing? Telecommunications?

I need to invest in some welly boots for the dog park. These puppies didn't have a price tag on them, but I'm guessing they're more than the twenty or so bucks I'll be prepared to spend. Army & Navy, here I come!

Now, this place has pained me a little ever since it arrived — several years ago now. This corner used to be occupied by Hearts Grocery. It was the kind of store you'd expect to find over on the Drive: casual, hippy-dippy, neighbourly to the max. Hanging high on the walls, around the perimeter of the store, were photographs of the seniors who regularly shopped there (and who once accounted for most of the neighbourhood's population). "Hearts' Sweethearts" the gallery was called. Meinhardt could hardly be more different: high-end, attractive and orchestrated to the max, clearly aiming for coziness in its ambience, but always a little cold ... 


I sometimes wonder how many other people look at this sign and automatically replace "dry" with something else ....? Now, that would perk up the neighbourhood. ;-)
Finally!!! says Freddie.


  1. Christmas stuff out already, you ask? Oh yes - sadly it is. The big box guys have been all Christmassed up for about a month now, and the indie shops in our downtown are getting there. "By November 5 at the latest," I was advised by one store owner as I pleaded (nicely, and futilely) they wait until after Remembrance Day.

    1. When I'm King, it'll be Nov. 25 to Dec. 24. No exceptions.

  2. katherine headrick31 October 2013 at 22:22

    I saw eggnog in the Safeway this morning! I'm still into pumpkin - lattes, muffins, pies, soups... I really don't like Christmas stuff before Hallowe'en is over!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jim! I'm looking forward to getting some professional work to show off in a guest post!


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