Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Losing my Religion

In truth, I lost my (WASP-y) religion a long time ago. I was about fourteen, and I experienced a sudden, overwhelming sense of the meaninglessness of life while watching a rerun of Laverne and Shirley. Thus began the long project of finding meaning in a godless world — well, "godless" relative to my original sense of God as an independent being with some kind of interest in human life. Dog walking helps ... and, to avoid further crises of this sort, I stopped watching TV after the final episode of Cheers.

Still, I like churches ...

I like the idea of a place where people meet on a regular basis to think about what matters, what constitutes a good life ... and, well, just to be mellow together for an hour or so. If the Unitarians or the Quakers were closer to home, I'd maybe become a churchgoer again. Or maybe not. After all, if I really wanted to, I could get to 49th and Oak or 70th and Oak easily enough.

The dog park has a nice kind of spirituality to it ...

... a reminder of our connectedness to the natural world.

This building, at 16th and Burrard, used to house the administrative offices of the church pictured above. One guess what its purpose is now (see the heritage sign below if you're wondering) ...

This centre for peace is located behind the church and is, I think, connected to it.

And this sounds like a very groovy event. Here's the Wikipedia link to Hunter Pitts "Jack" O'Dell. I wonder how Freddie would manage at this ....

Georgie and Rosie engaged in peacekeeping negotiations

On the subject of residences that were once religious gathering places, any idea what this apartment building, located in our new neighbourhood, on West 2nd Avenue, used to be?

Check out the sign! 

 Witching hour is tomorrow ......

Bah, bah, Labradoodle, have you any wool?

About half a trash basket 's worth, but the work is still in progress!

May your day be peaceful and well groomed!

P.S. Any takers on the Ridge Theatre poll matinée options?? :)

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