Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Even puppy dogs get the blues.

OK, not so much the blues ... more a case of WTF is going on here?? Little Freddie's world has been a little chaotic of late: furniture moved around, regular sleeping places taken over, toys stuffed away in the closet, strange visitors coming over, strange visits to homes where no one seems to live, etc. etc. He knows something is up, but he doesn't know what (or that the something will ultimately be a good thing). Several times over the past while, his behaviour has been of the back-to-square-one sort — this afternoon he got into a very uncharacteristic scrap at doggy playtime (with another service dog, of all things) — and finally it hit me:

If moving is stressful for humans, what must all the kerfuffle be like for someone who has no idea what the heck is going on? (On a tangentially related topic, here's an interesting NY Times article, snitched from one of my Facebook friends, who also has a diabetic alert dog: "Dogs Are People, Too").

And here would be the appropriate place to make the announcement I've been not very subtly hinting at: we're moving! From 12th and Pine (home for the past 16 years) to 2nd and Arbutus (closer to great walking/swimming for Freddie + a few other things we've been hankering for). That's our For Sale sign above. Here's the link to the listing. Check it out if you want to see what Heather and Paul's place never-ever looks like in real life (and feel free to pass it on to anyone who might be interested)!

But back to walking (sort of) ...

This morning's travels took us to Vancity's West End branch, for the organizing of financial details connected to our move. Fortunately, I don't think Freddie made any connection between this experience and all the craziness at home, and he was a model service dog the whole (tediously long — no fault of the friendly guy who served us) visit.  

Later in the day, we went for a repeat visit to our future home (Freddie and I have been there several times since the purchase, to build up positive associations). Here is the back of the building. Our unit is the top left (5th floor, though you can't tell from this angle).

Here's the front. The positive associations must be happening because Freddie was very keen to go inside, and I had to explain to him the technicalities of real estate completion and possession dates.

On our side of the building, going from the second floor exit to the back lane, is this stairway. Freddie and I first encountered it on the day we came here for the building inspection. The metal grate stairs (difficult to make out in the photo) freaked Freddie out, and I had to carry him up that first time. At Sunday's training class, however, I saw our instructor use treats and praise to coax a younger puppy up onto a scary platform .... so I decided to try the same process with Freddie.

Aaaaaannnnnd .....

Success!!! Here's a proud puppy at the top of the scary stairs:

And here he is at his favourite store. Why would anyone spend time in a bank when there are places like this?

Blood sugar check: not quite alertable, but Freddie has been busy since yesterday evening. He caught me at 3.8 (which pretty much makes up for scrapping with another dog over a slimy, chewed-up blob of rubber).


  1. katherine headrick9 October 2013 at 07:45

    very interesting article - wonderful to think of our dogs as people!
    I love reading your blog - checked last night and nothing - so disappointed - but great to find it this morning

    1. Thanks, Katherine! My evil goal here is to foster addiction. ;-)


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