Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Guest post: From Doggy Doomsday to the Cottonwood Greenway!

Freddie and I are excited to present another guest post — this one from our friends Leigh and Brian and their pup, Wiley. They are posting from Comox, BC, where the dog-walking looks mighty fine!

Like Piper Jones from our last guest post, Wiley, now almost 11 years old, is a rescue dog who hit the jackpot — just in the nick of time. Her story starts in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, where Leigh and Brian were living in 2004. Here's what Leigh wrote when I asked her about Wiley's past:

She had been at the Moose Jaw Humane Society several weeks, was really unfriendly and had had a very bad life, from everything that the people there could figure out. The pads of her feet were nearly worn through, and the vet said, "That dog has run a long way away from something or after something on pavement." He said the only time he had ever seen pads like that was on sled dogs.  We were helping the Humane Society with their annual "dogs for adoption" walk. Brian had been working almost daily with Wiley, and she was really friendly towards both of us. When we took her out on the walk, the Humane Society people said that there really wasn't any need because she had been there so long and was going to have to be euthanized the next day. So that pretty much made our minds up for us: Wiley came home with Brian and me.

Phew! Yay! Now we can relax and enjoy our walk with Leigh, Brian, and Wiley ...

We decided to check out the Cottonwood Greenway in Comox - a path and area unexplored by us until now.  What better reason to take a road less travelled, than as a guest blogger for Heather.

Wiley always has to "go before she goes", so she seeks an appropriate bathroom.  We are definitely "picker-uppers" and always have extra bags to compensate for less-responsible dog owners.
Brian and Wiley start out.  It's a perfect fall day:  everything blue and gold, and a breeze scattering leaves everywhere.

People live in their houses along the path ... and there are also accommodations for the neighbourhood feathered folk.

The backyard pool for the aforementioned feathery residents.

I'm guessing that woodpeckers must be very smart birds, to be able to read this special sign just for them.

We're glad we came upon this scary tree formation in the daytime.  At night, I'm sure you could hear "None shall pass!" coming from the tree.  [Oooohh!]

Whew!  Back out into the sunlight.

There are signs all over Comox that say "Expect deer on our roads".  Those who live here also expect deer in their yards.

It's normally a safe, quiet neighbourhood, but crime still exists.  Witness this attempted murder. [!!!]

If only we were smaller, this would be a great day for swinging. [Smaller-schmaller!]

Here's someone who's more the right size.  But he already has his swing.

At the Comox recreation centre, Wiley can indulge her inner Super Dog!

Holly! Holy!

Hallowe'en is just a few days away, and people here are ready for it!

One view of the Comox marina before we head home (in our car, because we had to drive to walk).  [Ah, the irony! ;-) Lovely view, though!]

Fresh air, sunshine and exercise leads, of course, to an afternoon nap.

And here, at last (on a walk in Port Townsend), are Leigh and Wiley. Leigh and Brian decided to get hitched last spring, and this photo was taken on their honeymoon. I hear dog-friendly honeymoons guarantee everlasting marital bliss. Congratulations, you three, and thanks so much for taking us along with you on your walk!


  1. We are thrilled to have been asked, and it was fun to participate. Wiley will give autographs (or is that "paw-tographs"?) for anyone who asks!

    Thanks for the forum, Heather.

    1. Yes, I want Wiley's pawtograph (she could start a phenomenon)!

      I notice some of the spacing in this post is a bit wonky (totally my doing, readers!). I'll keep trying to fix it.

      Thanks again, Leigh!

  2. Very nice, Leigh. Love the pics. Beautiful area. Wiley is quite the poser. Happy walking! Pauline


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