Friday, 4 October 2013

The First Post

Here is the usual stuff that I take on a walk with Freddie: wallet (just in case I get smacked by a truck and someone needs to figure out who I am ... or I want to buy a coffee!), harness (in case Freddie's walking skills go south), Chuck-it ball, training treats, and, of course, poop bags. I forgot to include a clicker, which sometimes gets used for training.

And here is all the diabetes crap that must also come along: glucometer, insulin pen (I was on a pump for many years but went back to old-school injections several months ago), Freddie's service vest (in case we go some place where dogs aren't usually allowed -- otherwise I prefer to go incognito re. my diabetes and Freddie's job), special chicken treats (in case Freddie alerts me to a low), icky dextrose tabs (for treating the low). Also visible in the bottom left is one labradoodle head.

It's fall!

Freddie exercising tremendous self-restraint to remain in heel position while tantalizing leaves blow past!

I love Canada Post. My beloved friend Gary (RIP) was the consummate postie; imagine Fred Rogers with the physique of a triathlete (if my second novel ever gets published, you'll find a tribute to Gary in there). During a recent purge of material stuff, I was astonished to discover the quantitity of letter mail I used to receive (and send). Boxes and boxes! I loved visiting GPOs while travelling — way back before email. Bangkok GPO had the best Poste Restante. This full-service post office at 8th and Pine is, I believe, a last bastion.

Electric gardening implements, however ... ugh. Nothing against this guy doing the work; he's probably putting himself through med school or something. But, gawd, the noise! The energy! (Speaking of which, here is a link to info on a *fantastic* documentary — People of a Feather — and an important fundraising campaign:

I'm not a fan of cars, either. Not just for pollution reasons (about which I could say more, but this is a photo blog, not a soapbox). Ditching my car was one of the best decisions I've ever made (along with saying yes to a first date with Paul — both 13 years ago!). However, these communal hybrids are pretty groovy. I signed up last month. Oh, and if anyone from Car2Go is reading this, please do something about your website! It's positively labyrinthine.

Thoreau felt about trains the way I do about cars ("The trains ride the people" — or something like that — he argues in Walden). I get it, though I do love train travel, and these dead tracks make me kinda wistful.

Freddie practicing a sit-stay in the Community Garden — good boy!

This one is for Paul, who informed me that the Canucks' new season began last night (with a sound thrashing by San Jose).

This is rosemary! Growing wildishly at the corner of 10th and Burrard. Definitely not organic, what with all that traffic going by. Rats. It smells divine.

Playing with cousin Dusty (Paul's sister's doodle) at the Arbutus Walk!

Thank you, Vancouver School Board, for sharing your grounds! This is Tennyson School, where Freddie loves to play.

Walking with a dog makes you notice tree trunks. This is an especially groovy one, on 11th Avenue.


  1. I'm already addicted. There'll be another post tomorrow, right?

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! It looks like you and I notice similar things when we go for walks: all the small beauties. I used to work right across the street from that post office.

    What you say about Paul is so sweet!

  3. Heather - I didn't know that something was missing from my life - but now I do - a great doggie blog to read!

  4. Hey Hebbie!

    Your pup is adorable. Your writing is fantastic and funny as usual. Plus bonus photos of Vancouver! Ahhhh ....

    1. Methinks I know who this anonymous poster is! ;-) Lovely to hear from you!

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog & seeing pics of Freddie - and the sights of your walks in Vancouver!


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