Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumnal Afternoon

Hi! Thank you for coming back! 

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Anyway, to the blog-du-jour .... 

This tree, near W. 10th and Fir, is apparently sort of famous ... or so I learned one day when Freddie was doing this:

A friendly guy emerged from the apartment building behind the tree, made a joke about dogs sticking their noses into everything, then asked if I knew that this tree — a catalpa tree — had been painted by one of the Group of Seven. I did not know this. I tried to find the painting via Google but had no luck. Maybe the story was hooey ... but the apartment building (entrance pictured below) is called Catalpa Court.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the experience was the way Freddie led me into a conversation with a complete stranger. This happens every single walk. It's a great thing.

Fetching the ball at Tennyson School. Weirdly, Freddie was the only dog there, so he had to make do with me as a playmate.

Leaf-and-paw art.

(And now I'm switching to putting the comments above the photo they refer to.)

We walked past St. Augustine's Church at 7th and Maple.

Something in that church lawn made Freddie want to get down for a vigorous roll.

Someone left a pair of boots.

Church raffle prizes ...

Vancouver's bikeways are boss! This is near the intersection of the Off-Broadway route and the Cypress one.

Another groovy tree ...

Freddie and I stopped by the paint store to pick up some colour chips. Pourquoi?

Maybe it has something to do with the phone number I tore from this sign. Hmm. Stay tuned!


  1. katherine headrick6 October 2013 at 09:22

    Heather, this is great. I love reading things with great pictures and short text!

    Have you ever heard of or read "The Innocent Traveller" by Ethel Wilson"?

    I recommend it.


      Hi, Katherine ... No, I haven't, but I should, since my novel was shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson prize. The only thing I've read by her is Swamp Angel. Do you have a copy of the other?

      (***Not just shameless, but kinda pathetic, given said novel came out more than 5 years ago! :-))

  2. Nice dog blog! I can see you're really running with this thing--I mean the blogging, not Freddie.

    I love the photos. I particularly appreciate the way you Photoshopped® out Freddie's genitals in that one shot because, really, dog genitals are the last thing I want to see--despite all those rumours you may have heard to the contrary. I'd just like to use this forum to state publicly that they have absolutely no basis in fact.

    Well, thanks for giving me this opportunity to clear that up. But this post is not supposed to be about me. I really just wanted to drop by and say that I'm enjoying your blog.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Wow. David. Thanks — I think. No, really. It's a pleasure to have people like you on here. Not that I mean anything special by "people like you"; it's just, y'know, a way of saying people in general. And not that you aren't special; it's just — hey, what do you mean about Photoshopping® Freddie's genitals? I don't even have Photoshop® on my computer. But good to see you aren't into brand-name violation. Even if you are rumoured to be into dog genitals. The other is much worse.

    2. ** Nor does Freddie have genitals — not a complete set anyway. Sheesh.

    3. Well this is embarrassing. Looking at the photo of Freddie rolling on the church yard again, I see that I have completely misinterpreted it. What I see now is his tail, I thought was a leg. At first glance, it looked like he was exposing himself to the camera. And that piece of grass lit by the sun shining underneath him looked like something that had been Photoshopped to cover his loins in the manner of a fig leaf. . . and, the more I write, the worse this looks, doesn't it?

      Please disregard this thread.

    4. Oh, I'm counting on threads such as this one to boost my readership significantly!

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