Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Folk Remedies, Ghosts, and an Apartment Possessed

Freddie's wart is almost gone! You might recall Dr. Jeff predicting it would take 2-3 months — about which I was bummed on Freddie's behalf. But here it is, just one week later ... hard to tell the difference, I know, but trust me: it's a lot smaller.

I've been trying to help the process along with this herbal concoction, which I use on any and all skin ailments. It contains tea tree extract, aloe vera, vitamin E, rosemary, witch hazel ... some eye of newt, perhaps (and this is not, by the way, a product endorsement; the Nature's Aid people don't, as far as I'm aware, know or care who I am ... but I'm open to negotiating with them!).

Speaking of natural remedies, my poop-bag absentmindedness yesterday was really of no consequence, for it seems that young Freddie, though almost wart-free, had become a little bit — how to say? — anal retentive? To help that process along, we've been feeding him some of this (available at post-Thanksgiving, bargain-basement prices chez IGA):

OK! Let's get walking ... in a general northwesterly direction ... toting a bit more gear than usual!

Might check this out this weekend!

And here we are, at our destination. This dwelling is POSSESSED (to the extent that such a thing is possible!). By us. As of noon today.

Freddie is thrilled with the wall-to-wall carpeting (great traction!). No sense spoiling his fun by telling him its days are numbered ... but if anyone has any use for this stuff (which is also in the bedrooms and is in excellent condition), PLEASE let me know! We need to find some way not to send it to the landfill!

Toasting our new home with iced Americanos!

Exhibit A: one of the things we're leaving our lovely co-op for

Exhibit B: Fireworks, anyone?

Technically this isn't our private deck or view, but the location of our unit sure as heck makes it feel that way. (Also reminds me how ridiculously privileged we are and how important it is never to forget that — or to stop trying to balance things out — as we make our way through the world.)

Exhibit C: our current kitchen stock

Peekaboo view for dishwashing (+ bizarre, futuristic faucet)

And now, back to walking!

Here we are at the Vancouver School Board building, at 10th and Fir, working on Freddie's version of agility training — not a service dog requirement, but fun.


This time, however, Freddie was spooked by something under these metal grates. The leaf he'd been playing with blew across, and while there's very little that will stop Freddie from chasing a coveted leaf, he pulled up short and would venture no further.

Recalling the success we had recently with metal stairs, I tried luring him with treats. But the ghosts dwelling in the underbelly of the VSB were not to be confronted this time.

Still, the experience gave me an idea! We went from the school board to Fairview Presbyterian Church, at 11th and Fir, to see this:

I told Freddie this is the entrance to the little-known Fairview Presbyterian Catacombs. He cocked his head when I said "catacombs" in a spooky voice, and the answer to his implied question had the effect I'd been hoping for: it scared the crap out of him. Or maybe it was the pumpkin that did it. In any event, mission accomplished!

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