Friday, 25 October 2013

Goin' to Meet My Tony Montanas

OK, these guys probably have a bit of work to do on their "badassery" to get up to Scarface standards ... but, in their own ways, they're good. Very good. Freddie and I saw both of them today.

This is Richard, from the local Drugmart. Comes across all sweet and mild-mannered, but he's the guy who provides the injectables. Insulin, of course ... and, for those rare times I'm really low and need a fast, hard hit, Glucagon. Very high tech, very pricey. But my "extended health plan" covers this stuff, if you know what I mean. Richard also sells those milder uppers, Dex-4s. They go down like Hallowe'en candy.

You'd never guess if you saw him in the street, eh?

While waiting for Richard to compile the goods, we did a bit of training. We didn't test my theory, but I'd bet heavy money Freddie doesn't have blood pressure problems.

Here are the supplies we got from Richard today, posing with their necessary hardware.

Moving along ... this is Randy, from the sketchy-sounding "YVS" storefront, at 4th and Burrard (underneath the Mexican restaurant). The stuff he sells is softer, but it costs me more out of pocket. Alpha lipoic acid, valerian, CoQ10, bilberry. That sort of stuff. Randy's a maverick. Claims he's never used email in his life. His store has no website. If you want his goods, you have to go to him. Tell him Freddie sent you.

And now a few randoms to wrap up the post ...

Ever seen a bassett hound / border collie cross? Meet Freddie's friend Olivia!

Movember moustache fail! (See attempt #1 here.)

At least Freddie's is cute. But could I get that puppy to look straight ahead and hold still?!?

Freddie and I have some stuff to do this weekend — bit of "laundry," some people to see, if you know what I mean. We'll be back with another walk Sunday or Monday, but in the meantime look out for an exciting NEW POLL tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay outta trouble! ;-)

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