Wednesday, 18 December 2013

We're back!

Phew! I can't say we're keen to buy/sell/pack/unpack again any time soon (Freddie least of all), but that's ok because our new digs are fantastic. Plenty of episodes of "Freddie's Nofo" (that's North of Fourth ;-)) are on the horizon. I thought I'd start with a few images of the Little Doctor's favourite feature of his new 'hood: the beach!

Kits Beach — ever so busy/Kitsy/Lululemony in the warmer months — is quite a serene and lovely place at this time of year.

Perfect for stalking ducks ...

or contemplating the proximity of Kits Pool (3 blocks!)

For those not familiar with it, Kits Pool (algae green here but sparkly blue from May to September) is a whopping 137 meters long — swimmer's paradise.

Gull's eye views of the city

... and the North Shore

Mystery foliage with Stanley Park in the distance

Our friend Jerry (who, with his partner, Karin, took expert care of the most intimidating parts of our move — the kitchen and the bookshelves — on their holiday, no less!) suggested that I include a freighter count at the end of every blog post. I don't know about every post ... but these six freighters are dedicated to Jerry and Karin, with eternal gratitude.

Here they are, working their magic in the old abode!

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