Saturday, 28 December 2013

An Awesome Swap

Leah and her family are moving — not far (phew!!), just from their very groovy house near the Drive to a very groovy loft a bit further north (I haven't seen it yet, but all the places this family has lived in have been quintessentially groovy). Anyway, the timing of our respective moves is very serendipitous. In exchange for the crap-load of boxes that Paul and I purchased last month and needed to off-load somehow, Leah and John have given us outdoor furniture, which they no longer have space for — furniture for our own empty balcony and for our building's rooftop deck. Quintessential WIN-WIN.

And all this to say that the exchanging of boxes for furniture took Freddie on a trip by Car2Go to visit one of his best doggie friends, Kali!

Here they are, behind Kali's front gate. Kali is a rescue pup from Mexico. She arrived last spring and is now living the dream with her new family.

This is Kali's human brother, James Dean (aka Dug). If I ever had a son, I would want him to be Dug (except he wouldn't, because I would screw up the parenting gig in ways that Leah and John are incapable of screwing up!).

Dug looks serious in this photo, but his default facial setting is a broad smile. He's wrapping up the glass top of the table that will go on our rooftop deck (once he has uncomplainingly hauled it up there for us).

"Who's at the gate? Who's at the gate? Something's happening at the gate! Gotta get to the gate!"
Hermanas y amig@s

Back home, waiting for Leah's van

(Speaking of serious-looking dudes ...)
Beeyootiful balcony furniture!

And plants!
(The little chair/stand was made by Leah's brother Andrew.)

And, to wrap up, a few arty-farty beach scenes from Freddie's afternoon stroll ...

“For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.” 
Virginia Woolf

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