Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Peace on Earth (dude)

From the Freddie perspective, this morning's walk was not exactly peaceful. I think young Freddie is still discombobulated by the move ... I suspect he can detect the holiday buzz in the air ... and he was up way past his bedtime last night, frolicking with Connor the cockapoo in Connor's lovely fireplace/Christmas tree/goody-bedecked house. Whatever the reason, Freddie and I were — how shall we say? — at odds for much of our outing.

Fortunately for me — and Freddie, 'cause who knows what I might otherwise have done with a rolled-up Georgia Straight from the news box ;-) — there were several calming elements to the route we took.

Crows contemplating the morning
Exceptional clouds and light over the water

Runners in the groove

 A stairway, right where we needed one
... though I had to hoist myself and Freddie up from the rocks to reach it.

A friend to help Freddie burn off some crazies

The soothing whiff of this dude's weed

(Yes, even I could smell it, Freddie.)

This is the bench he was sitting on.

This singer, practicing Gregorian-style chants while her dog listened

and, home again, the view from our building's deck

OK, Freddie, I guess we won't send you back to the store this time. :)

Our little family will be Christmassing tomorrow. Whether you're doing the same, or similar, or ignoring the hoo-ha, or cursing it out (I've done it all) ... have a groovy and peaceful day!


  1. I love that shot of the light and the one of the view from your deck. Do you also have a view from your condo?

    I won't post it here, but if you want to read about why I hate Christmas, read my latest post... but it's NOT for the feint of heart.

    1. Thanks, Charlotte. Our own balcony faces south (which we like for light purposes), but, handily, the door to the common decks with the stunning views is right next to ours.

      You're one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote my sign-off. May the triggers stay out of your way tomorrow!

    2. Oh, how nice that you were thinking of me! Actually, it's Christmas Eve that's the worst so I'm just plugging along, tummy ache firmly in place, looking forward to it all being over. But I know that Beau made me... A MAP OF NARNIA for Christmas so I certainly have things to look forward to.

    3. Just a little over an hour to go! And a map of Narnia sounds like a fabulous reward.

      Hey, I have a totally non-Christmas question for you, o fashionista of the east ... A pair of jeans I really dig (because they fit well and because they were a total find at the thrift store) are now besmirched with ballpoint ink from an exploded pen. I've tried rubbing alcohol and hairspray, to little avail. The stain seems permanent. So now I'm wondering how best to salvage these jeans (standard boot cut). Patch the stained part? Bead it? Bleach it and/or wash the whole garment with bleach? Cutoffs? What would you do?


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