Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fotography, Filosophy, Chicken Liver Kommunion, and Kudos to My Teaching Students

Bonjour! As you'll soon figure out from the sunset fun below, these shots are from yesterday's walks, not today's ...

I like the sense of movement in the power lines to the left. Lines and light: photography classes must talk about such things. I'd like to take such a class sometime — maybe re-learn all about f-stops and depth of field and other mysteries I sort of understood when I was a teenage shutterbug with a Pentax K-1000 and a collection of psychedelic filters.
This is obviously not a good picture in terms of composition and lighting ... or, I dunno; maybe the lighting looks a little godly — which would be appropriate, since this pose of Freddie's — head up, mouth open to take his treat — always make me feel like a priest giving Communion. Only in this case the Host is made of dehydrated chicken liver.

Uhrmm .... moving right along ... Goldilocks Bakery at Broadway and Fir does a booming business. I ordered one of their cakes once for someone's birthday. It was ok. Not quite just right.
Through the Looking-Glass

Very strange. The scene behind me doesn't look at all as it should. Where are the cars and the dumpsters and the Szechuan restaurant?
Freddie in a down-stay at the post office while I filled out mail forwarding materials. Yep ... things are gettin' serious, it seems.
"Down ... Stay ... Now look adorable. Good boy!"

With every showing, every open house, every little step toward our new place in "Nofo" (North of Fourth, as we've dubbed it ;-)), our Pine Street home feels, well, a little less homey, more provisional.

Maybe the feeling isn't entirely to do with moving; maybe it's a getting old(er) thing ... recognizing that any physical space we occupy is ultimately temporary, provisional, ephemeral ...

(Filosophy by Freddie)

Lines and light ...

... light and lines.
Sunset Flowers

Can you see her head? Second lit window from the left, down near the bottom. She's sitting at her desk, and hers is the last classroom with the lights still on. Back when I taught elementary school (1989-2001), this was almost never me. Even without slashings of already skimpy budgets, it's a non-stop marathon of a career (the term hardly captures the diversity of abilities required) ... but wonderful, too. I'm very happy I did it ... and happy now to be doing other (closely related) things. :) To my wonderful former students who've entered the marathon themselves — Angela, Mhegan, Regan, others? — you have my deepest admiration!

Back in our provisional home, Freddie has decided he's a lapdog ... or maybe a cat. Isn't this what cats do when one is trying to work at the computer?

Today's Homework: Enjoy where you are and don't work too hard!

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