Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Luddite's Lament

I know. A photo weblogger is not a Luddite. But I do have some credentials: no car, no cable (is that even a thing anymore?), no iPad/e-reader, no smartphone.

It's the last of these gizmos that caused me some WTFness at the camera store. See — it appears that my (Paul's) little Canon Powershot is both irreparable and irreplaceable. Why irreparable? Made to break, I guess? Why irreplaceable? Smartphones. Nobody (except me, it seems) is interested in cheap point-and-shoot cameras. Serious photographers spend multiple paycheques on serious cameras, but people like me (except me) take photos with their phone.

The Canon can still take pictures (note exhibit A, on the left), but its zoom and auto functions are gone ... "And it'll cost you more to have the thing repaired than to buy a new one," said the friendly guy at Lens & Shutter.

Only there aren't any new ones to buy.

Well, ok, not many. A product that used to come in hundreds of variations has dwindled down to a couple of models. I wrote down the name of one of them and gave Paul the paper when I got home.

"My birthday present!" I said. "But only if we sell our place."

Corks are becoming obsolete, but I think wine and dog treats are safe, Freddie.

Candelabra-cum-bird feeder: groovy
This scene reminds me of the trees and greenery bordering certain sections of the Canal du Midi in southern France, where Paul and I did a cycling trip several winters ago.

The trip was something of a celebration after our writing retreat in a cavernous 13th century house in the chilly Languedoc village of Labastide Esparbairenque — no internet, no phone/
TV/stereo/microwave, groceries from a little truck that passed through sporadically on its way to bigger places, barely any heat .... Yep, we were Luddites in good standing for six weeks!
It was ten-below this morning, the weather people claimed.

I used to have one of those "One Less Car" stickers on my bike, but I removed it. Yes, I dig bikes, and yes, I think lots more people could get around without a car than actually do ... but the sticker just seemed kind of in-yer-face obnoxious. That said, I hope there are many people out there who could buy these bikes ...

Red Flowers

Adding distance and duration to Freddie's stays ... The other "D" is distraction, our biggest challenge. You can be pretty certain from Freddie's pose that there were no blowing leaves or other dogs in the park just then.

Stay warm (or cool, or dry ... depending on where you are)!

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