Friday, 20 December 2013

On the seventh day of my birth week, my true love gave to me ...


OK, maybe Paul wasn't responsible for the mini-dump of genuine white stuff that we got overnight, but my beloved Flash has given me numerous groovy goodies over the past seven days (it's a tradition in our house to extend birthdays over an entire week). Thus far I have received ...

six bars-a-melting,
five uuusefulll things,
four groovy treats,
three cups of scarlet,
two quirky books,
and images of canine beauty! 

Sung by Flash himself every evening before dinner (moving kerfuffles an all!). I'll leave you to guess the more cryptic offerings, as I ponder what he'll give seven of tonight. :)

Getting to the canine beauty part of the post, Freddie certainly feels like it's his birthday today. O, brave new world!! his face exclaimed when we stepped outside this morning. Seize the day! Or at least the snow ...

 Jump right in!

Bury your whole face!

Don't just sit there!

Look at it all!

Take a flying leap!

Ocean and snow! What could be better?

Freddie would have stayed at the beach for hours, I'm sure — fur clumped with wet snow — but eventually I made him come home.

Outside this valiant Thai restaurant on Yew Street, motorists spun their wheels, trying in vain to get up the slope. While Freddie and I watched, three of them gave up and resorted to reversing in a sort of kamikaze snowplow toward Cornwall.
A few more rounds of Chuck-it in the garden behind our building before heading in for a warm bath and a helping of raw lamb!

(I passed on the lamb and had dark chocolate with my coffee instead.)

Wishing you a snowy day — either literal or metaphorical (whatever your preference)!


  1. It's true: snow was made for dogs (and kids). Even in still photos like these Freddie's joy is palpable. (And happy 7th whatever-it-turns-out-to-be today!)

  2. The photo of the benches is beautiful!


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