Sunday, 22 December 2013

Frosty the Woe-man and Other Seasonal Noir

Vancouver's snow people live robust but brutally short lives. Reminds me of the Frosty the Snowman Christmas special, which I could never watch without feeling a creepy, embryonic kind of existential horror. I never really bought the coming-back-to-life part at the end. (How's that for Christmas cheer?!)

Here's another: "Ahhhhh .... I'm mellllllting! Must do something meaningful before it's too late!"

Freddie: "Sorry I bit your arms off."

This tree belongs on a Siberian plain in the dead of winter.

Here we are at Tatlow Park, where I began to see everything in noir as my blood sugar took a nose dive — roughly the four hundredth occurrence since we moved (Freddie's getting a lot of practice). It's a combination, I think, of hefting around heavy things and doing a lot more uphill walking than I did in our old 'hood — not just the streets, but also the stairs in our building. There's an elevator, but I decided when we moved in (to the top/5th floor) that I would generally use the stairs going up. Good for the fitness, but I need to adjust my insulin doses, or Freddie will start demanding a pay increase.

But anyway, can't you just imagine a corpse or two, just off-camera in this scene? Gorky Park instead of Tatlow Park? Or is that just me?

Best add a cheerful Labradoodle and a bit o' colour. Cornelius Krieghoff, eat yer heart out.

Tatlow Park Bridge and Bench

Rear Window

I could almost — almost — imagine we were in the Alps here.

Show-Down Against the Darkness

Dusk falls on the shortest day of the year.

And now the sun begins its return! Happy Solstice!

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  1. Tatlow Park was the setting for Robert Altman's "That Cold Day in the Park" (1969, starring Sandy Dennis). It has a stream running through it, one of the very few of the old Salmon Streams that used to flow into Burrard Inlet that is not now completely buried. There's no scene in the movie as beautiful as the shot of Freddie above.


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