Monday, 2 December 2013

Oh, that marvelous, maddening muzzle!

As Winnie the Pooh would say, it's rather a blustery day today. Freddie's favourite kind of day. Mine? Not so much — for precisely the reasons Freddie loves such days. Smells coursing through the air, madly off in all directions, each one an irresistible temptation .... and then there are all those scuttling leaves and scraps to chase. Polite leash walking? What's that?

A wise person would have gone straight to the dog park and set him free. I foolishly attempted several blocks of "Close!" and "With me!"

These clouds were racing across the sky. Freddie watched them for a while, assessing their catchability.

These grasses were shimmering and swaying like something from a Vidal Sassoon commercial.

Mohinder! This phenomenon was first brought to my attention by my sister-in-law, Kelly, in her "Stalking John Cusack" guest post. This is the first instance I've actually come across. Oh, and speaking of guest posts, Freddie and I are anxiously awaiting entries from some people-puppy pairings we cornered and browbeat a while back. If we haven't come after you yet, but you have a dog (or access to a dog) and would like to do a guest post, please get in touch. We love having guests!

Diamonds in the Rough

Entranceway to the posh and prohibitively (pour moi) pricey Shaughnessy Tennis Club

Paul and I (with a certain canine ball-boy) whack the ball around in the neighbouring public courts and watch the BMWs and Jags cruise in and out of the parking lot.
These are what I would call "towering clouds." Not my metaphor, but I don't know from whom I stole it.
Great Ball o' Fire

Now, this is a groovy scene, if I do say so myself. The building in the foreground is a telescope shop — hence the mural featuring various vapours, stars, and other celestial bodies. In the background we have a glass building reflecting both a burst of sunlight and another fleet of those swift-moving clouds. I tried to get Freddie to appreciate it .... 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," his eyes said. "Very nice. Now can we please go to the park??"

It's looking to be a busy week ahead for us here at WWF, but we shall do our best to keep posting!

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