Thursday, 5 December 2013

This connection has 22 seconds.

This is Freddie. He's just been doing some agility practice on top of this wall, and now he has his eyes on a scrap of paper scuttling across the pavement. He won't jump down until he gets the release command, but when he does ...

"Huh? What paper?"

This is Birgit. She's an exchange student from Gothenburg University. Her favourite fur jacket (which matches her hair — and her boots) is Autumn/Spring wear in Sweden, so she's pleased to be wearing it in December. She's shading her eyes against the surprising afternoon light and hoping the next B-Line to come along will be less crowded than the one she's just missed.

Josh and Zaineb. He thinks it's ironic that her supposedly traditional parents are less fazed by her hair colour than he fears his own family will be. They're going for the Big Meeting right now. She's holding onto her bag for dear life. The travel agent could probably replace her ticket if necessary, but with time so tight ...

"I'll be there in five minutes. I'm almost at Broadway."

"Of course it sounds English. I'm English. What's your point?"

"If you want to be important, you must want to be nice." Or ... ?

This is Maricris, texting her aunt in Manila to tell her how cold it is and to find out how the volunteer relief efforts for typhoon Haiyan are going.

 This is Freddie, back home with his favourite pal.


  1. Now - were those actual peoples' vignettes, or from the fertile mind of Heather? The mind that brought us "A weekend in Paris", for example!

    1. Well, I can absolutely vouch for the photos of Freddie ... :)

    2. "Fertile": that's a good, non-challenging way of saying cunning, deceitful, sly, shameless ...

    3. Oh, Flash ... you're just jealous.


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