Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Where have all the flowers gone? Freddie learns about Pete ...

Freddie: Why do you look sad? It's breakfast time! The bone mat is out! What could be sad?

Heather: It's OK, Freddie. Pete Seeger died ... but I think he had a good long life.

Freddie: Pete Seeger?

Heather: He was a folk singer. A really important one. Here — listen to one of his songs on YouTube.

Freddie: That was nice. Where did all the flowers go? I didn't smell any this morning.

Heather: No, there aren't many around these days. But I bet we could find some if we searched.

Freddie: Can we go search?

Heather: Sure, Freddie. Let's go ... Yes, after your breakfast.

With Bruce, five years ago, at the first Obama inauguration

And, finally, here's a clickable link to the movie ending mentioned in Flash's comment below.

Peter "Pete" Seeger
May 3, 1919 – January 27, 2014


  1. I'm glad that you and Freddie found flowers together.

    Pete Seeger features in the ending of one of my favourite movies. Who would you want to listen to as the world comes to an end?

    1. One of OUR favourite movies!

    2. I'm so glad we agree! But you didn't answer my question.

      For me, maybe this:

      or this:

    3. That's a tough question. Your choices would be strong possibilities for me (I wish links worked in the comments field) ... or maybe Bruce Cockburn's "Anything Can Happen." Or a Mozart/Springsteen medley ...


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