Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beachcombing at 120 BPM

Dogs are Ferraris. Humans are jalopies. My full-out sprint is a casual lope for Freddie. Even his "worst" walking (ie. straining, sniffing, weaving) involves considerable speed & distance inhibition on his part.

At Sunday's class, Dogwise Heather used the metronome function on her phone to demonstrate the pace at which I should be walking with Freddie, in order to give him a sense that we're actually going somewhere — as opposed to meandering aimlessly around the neighbourhood. 120 beats per minute is brisk — a decent workout pace, especially up hills. It's a pace I'm able to sustain, but not one I actually have been sustaining when out with Freddie.

So I've been trying. When Freddie's on leash, we power walk — and it's better. He's more attentive, trotting along, watching to see if my hand will venture anywhere near my treat pocket. Even when he's off leash — like at the beach this morning — I try to keep up the march ... except, of course, when a photo op presents itself. :)

Crow's Nest

Variations on a Theme

"In the Thick of It" v.2

Freddie the Rock Stalker

The Mellow Bench v.2
(Last guy I photographed here was smokin' himself a J.)

Between a Rock and Hard Place

 Good luck, Freddie.


Gull's Breakfast



Enjoy your day, at whatever pace!

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