Friday, 3 January 2014

The kind of day that makes me grateful I have diabetes

Let me be extra clear: grateful that I have diabetes. Not anyone else — least of all kids, or people without access to decent medical care, or people coping with a whole lot of other crap in their life, etc. etc. Let me also add that this gratitude isn't especially strong or sustainable and will disintegrate into a poof of nothingness if diabetes is ever cured ... or the next time I'm battling crappy blood sugars or some other physical ailment. Whatever comes first.

That said, as I left my splendid new home this morning (with my splendid, privileged dog) and took in the sights of the photogenic (and very privileged) corner of the world in which I live, all the while anticipating a 10:00 meeting with a banker, during which absurd sums of money would be discussed ... I experienced a not unusual feeling that all the unearned advantages I've enjoyed in my life really demand some kind of payback. An equalizing gesture toward the majority of the world's people and the hardships they endure.

Of course, my diabetes hardly shrinks the gap between the rest of my cushy reality and the reality of someone sleeping in a refugee camp, or on a bench in Pigeon Park for that matter. It does nothing at all to help anyone else (though I suppose it helps stuff the pockets of Big Pharma), and — who knows? — maybe I'd be a more useful citizen of the world if I didn't have diabetes.

My gratitude, in other words, is misplaced and kind of pointless ... but there it is. I sometimes feel relieved that, on top of all the other good stuff, I'm not completely healthy to boot. 

OK, 'nuff filosophizing.

Here's a float plane in the clouds.

Ready for take-off

 The fog breaks

This calm doggy came into the bank while we were renegotiating our post-sale finances.

This excitable doggy watched intently but managed to hold his down-stay and remain quiet the whole time. :)
Downtown tourist shots ...

Searching for a Car2Go

No luck finding a car (all reserved) ... or maybe it was good luck. We had an invigorating walk home over the Burrard Bridge on a day bursting with Vitamin D. I stewed pointlessly about the logistical complexities of transferring all our banking to Vancity (credit union). Paul assured me everything would be fine.

Freddie and Heather attempt to look hip.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Freddie and Heather look hip without trying at all.

    In contrast with some of us ...


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