Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Calling 1927

Today was a busy, errand-y day. While Paul and I navigated the sprawling geography of two different Home Depot (Despot) stores in search of lamps and cedar balcony tiles and various home improvement widgets, Freddie got to hang out with his grandparents. No ice cream and staying up past his bedtime for this young puppy, however. Grandma and Grandpa are former guide dog trainers, and they know all the tricks in the book. Freddie's excitement to see them and his calm, happy demeanour when we return remain a mystery to us. ;-)

A rainy morning walk by Kits Pool ...

Spot the dog!

No horizon


(captured yesterday, from a great height)

Nothing to do with dog-walking, but ... in addition to today's Home Depot haul, Paul and I inherited various artifacts from my (dog-savvy) parents — including this 1927 phone, which began its life in a Quebec monastery. Aside from a frayed cord and a missing receiver cap (you can make out the threading at the wide end of the receiver, where the cap should screw on), the thing is in working order. It dials! It weighs a ton! The ringer is a freakin' fire alarm! Awesome!

A brief Google search took me to the website of Old Phone Works, an Ontario-based biz that specializes in vintage telephones and parts. I've sent an email to someone who identifies himself as "Old Phone Guy" to enquire about a replacement cap and cord. Given the context, I feel like I should at least have phoned him ... but it was already late in Kingston, and I was anxious to send my query and hear back ASAP. If we can get this baby back into original condition, we'll hook 'er up and ... and ... phone somebody!

Maybe you!

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