Sunday, 5 January 2014

Nofo New Year off to a Slippery Start

It was a bright and frosty weekend ...

... so frosty that this guy took an impressive spill coming down Cypress and wisely elected to walk his bike the rest of the way. I've taken such spills before (impressively graceless, in my case) and have various mangled derailleur parts on my key ring as souvenirs.

Soso Nofo!

Contour Maps

Beach Beauties

These days, the only "doodles" in my world are labradoodles, so of course that's what I thought of when I spotted this bumper sticker. Art classes for dogs? Would Freddie like that? Then they came back back to me — those kooky, psychedelic poster kits from the '70s. I doubt I ever finished one — I never managed to use kits for their intended purpose — but I think I used the felt pens to illustrate my first novel (in which an airplane is hijacked by extraterrestrials). Very limited edition.

Paul attempts DSL (Doggy Sign Language) on Dusty and Freddie.


Katherine is a victim of my vanity in this shot (below). Paul took four hundred pictures of the four of us, and I managed to look dopey in all of them. But I did want a close-up of our scarves. Mine doesn't show up all that well, but it's very similar to Katherine's, on the left. I admired hers a while back, and she, Jim, and Sally got me one for my birthday. :)

The Great New Year Xmas Tree Disposal
(and more runners!)

Early morning sparring
(a rogue shot from our old 'hood)


Night falls on the city ...

For those heading back to work, school, sugar-/alcohol-/leisure-restricted life tomorrow, may the week be kind to you. Our plan is to get this moving/settling in business well and truly completed and to return to the arduous and earth-shaking task of novel writing (no extraterrestrials this time ... yet). Did I mention I lead a stupidly privileged existence?

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