Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Two beautiful lakes, three crappy blood sugars, one distracted alert, and a dose of winter cheer ...

If all goes as planned, by the time this post goes live,* I will be back rowing on beautiful Burnaby Lake (Sunday's row at VRC inspired me to brave the early morning darkness) ... all kitted out for safety, with the notable exception of my alert dog, whose ability to cox a single scull is still untested — and probably should remain ever thus!

*Looks like my automated post-scheduling attempt didn't work. I did, however, have a spectacular, flat-water row.

Here's the lake!
(The photo is undoctored but was taken last year.)

Here is Coach Cinda with her lovely Luna ...

Winter Cheer Part I

Freddie giving a half-assed alert at Hadden Park, while other dogs play nearby!

The 2.8 up top is the number he's alerting. Ugh. The culprit, I suspect, was an over-correction of the 9.3 earlier on. The 7.7 doesn't really qualify as "crappy," but it ain't great either.

Winter Cheer Part II
(C'mon ... which country's flag does this house resemble? ;-)) 

Beautiful Lake #2! Also undoctored!
Lac de Sainte-Croix, France, 2010
(I'm the one in the red cap.)

Ahhh, I look forward to travelling further afield with Freddie ... once he's ready/certified. Speaking of travelling, Freddie will be taking his morning constitutional with Paul today. And rumour has it there will be another WWF guest post soon ... stay tuned!

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