Saturday, 18 January 2014

Freddie and Ollie and the Incredible Dig

Most dogs seem to have a digging impulse. I suspect it's connected to food-scavenging, but I'm not sure. Freddie digs digging, and the beach gives him plenty of opportunities.

But I've discovered that Freddie is a pretty small-potatoes digger. You want to see world-class digging? Come down to the beach some morning when Ollie is there ...

Now, that's digging. Full head/leg submersion, both front paws shovelling in tandem (none of this pintzy scrabbling that Freddie does) ... an obvious sense of accomplishment when he heads home with his human, Rose.

You can't really tell in the B&W shot above, but Rose is just about to walk past this bunch of her namesake flower. I'd like to think someone left them for her, but I fear the real story might be sad.

Soon after, I passed by my own floral namesake, growing wild(ish). Happy heather.

Let the sunshine in ...
Busy Sky

 Jacob's ladder
Ocean's Handiwork

Speaking of things retro ... guess what turned up in the mail today!

A new receiver cap for our 1927 telephone!
(posing here with my rarely charged/used cell phone)

It fits! Now to get the phone hooked up ... 

Please stay on the line!


  1. Shouldn't there be a contest or something to identify the source of the quotation? Too easy?

    1. Easy, yes ... but clicking on the link will also reveal the answer (and take you to a 1984 snippet of Bruce doing his thing)!


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