Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Asshole who turned out to be a Nice Guy

If you have no idea what I'm talking about in the following, check out this post, as well as the first photograph in this post!

Dear Ms [Property Manager],

I just wanted to let you know that our neighbour T, the owner of the truck that has been overlapping into our spot, came to talk with us this evening. The conversation was entirely cordial. He explained problems he's had getting into his own parking spot (due to cars parked in the lane). We will be working something out with him that will allow easy access for everyone, so, as far as we're concerned, nothing more needs to be done at this point.

Thanks very much,

Heather B

Yep. Just when I'd given up all hope of our windshield notes having any effect and of Truck Guy turning out to be a reasonable and considerate human being ... who should come knocking at our door, offering apologies (and compensatory movie passes), but T.G. himself. He clearly felt badly. He introduced himself as "the asshole who's been parking in your spot"; he explained his situation and lamented the size of his vehicle, which he uses for work. He may never win any big-truck-parking competitions, but he was a nice guy ... and Freddie liked him. Conflict over.

And, just in case T.G. ever happens upon this blog, I thought it best to expunge the grouchy ramblings from yesterday's post. At this very moment, the Truck is neatly parked between the lines, next to Freddie's groomer's van.

Speaking of which, here's Freddie with his favourite groomer, Anna, who has succeeded in repairing the damage I did on Monday. "See?" says Freddie. "This is how you do it."

And here are a few arty-farty rain shots from this morning's walk ...

Hope you're having a good hair day!


  1. Good endings all round: Freddie's "do", truck owner's "sorry", and artsy photos. (And your condo building has a property manager??)

    1. Yes, the property manager thing is new for us — but quite common in Vancouver condo/townhouse buildings. Our old co-op was self-managed, which kept maintenance fees very low, but involved many tedious and thankless tasks for the co-op board members.

  2. Never judge a person by their vehicle or their inability to park. There is a sermon in there somewhere

    1. And I know just the preacher to deliver it. I'll take my commission in dog food. Or grooming vouchers.


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