Sunday, 26 January 2014

100 Favourite Things for WWF's 100th Post

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string ... plus these one hundred nice sense-able things ...

1. Late afternoon light
2. The sound of Freddie chomping a chicken carcass
3. The sounds of South American Spanish
4. The dancing dragon in the Lunar New Year parade
5. Coconut-oil peanut butter
6. A well-bound paperback
7. 12-point Palatino
8. A calm, well-crafted web page
9. The swoosh of nordic skis on a groomed trail
10. Fog (except when it means a cancelled rowing practice!)

11. City skylines from a distance
12. Victorian houses
13. Designated bike paths
14. 85% cocoa organic chocolate
15. Laundry-drying racks (like this one we just ordered)
16. A just-oiled chain
17. The smell of lilac
18. A fast-running stream
19. Mulchy walking trails
20. Wrought iron candelabras

21. A backhand that hits the sweet spot
22. The Wizard of Oz
23. A fresh tin of tennis balls
24. Community gardens
25. Snow forts
26. Just the right word
27. A blood sugar of 5.5
28. Hearty laughs
29. Hard-packed beach sand
30. Early mornings on a mirror-flat lake

31. A perfect connection at the catch
32. Freddie's shoulder muscles
33. French-pressed coffee at 10:30
34. Canonical tea at 4:00
35. Tourtière in December
36. The Remains of the Day (novel and film)
37. The theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies
38. Paper lanterns
39. A traditional cabane à sucre
40. The soundtrack to A Room With A View

41. Blue jays
42. Vaulted ceilings
43. Shelves of books
44. Hardware stores
45. Village markets
46. Lichen and moss
47. A sharp knife
48. Sign language
49. Stained glass
50. Marathon of Hope T-shirts

51. Driftwood
52. Mosaics
53. "Thunder Road"
54. People of a Feather
55. Frost patterns on the window
56. April and October
57. Ed Broadbent
58. The duet from Les pêcheurs de perles sung by Francophones
59. Leftover Indian takeaway for breakfast
60. Fred Banting

61. Jules Bastien-Lepage's "Jeanne d'arc"
62. Leonard Cohen's "Joan of Arc"
63. Robust reds
64. Casablanca
65. Labradoodle fleece
66. Tweed
67. Lists
68. Liquid stevia
69. "Big Yellow Taxi"
70. Paisley prints (especially tie-dyed)

71. Hamlet
72. The top of the hill
73. Mushrooms in casseroles
74. Welly boots
75. Green and blue lights under snow
76. A clean chalkboard and a new piece of chalk
77. Brisling sardines
78. Yak dung campfires
79. A rescue dog with a wagging tail
80. Watercolours

81. Vegemite
82. Endorphin highs
83. Sunrise over sand dunes
84. Vintage photographs
85. Church bells
86. Textiles
87. The BBC's series on Henry VIII
88. The smell of weed outdoors
89. Early morning in Kathmandu
90. Fresh herbs

91. Freddie's nose
92. The curtain rising
93. Maps
94. A new ballpoint pen
95. Punctuation
96. Binoculars
97. Calendars
98. Corkscrews
99. A perfect off-leash recall
100. Paul's hugs


  1. Wow! After 100 posts and many more extraordinary photographs, that last one tops them all. I love it! Can anyone explain exactly what they're seeing in the photo?

    1. Thanks, Flash! Along with his nose, Freddie's tongue and teeth are quite lovely, too, I think.

  2. katherine headrick26 January 2014 at 20:03

    Heather, what is canonical tea?

    1. I was most familiar with the literary and religious ideas of a "canon" (from which I created my own term to refer to traditional black tea), but my handy-dandy (non-canonical) dictionary tells me there are others:

      1 according to or ordered by canon law: the canonical rites of the Roman Church.
      2 included in the list of sacred books officially accepted as genuine: the canonical Gospels of the New Testament.
      • accepted as being accurate and authoritative: the canonical method of comparative linguistics.
      • (of an artist or work) belonging to the literary or artistic canon: canonical writers like Jane Austen.
      • according to recognized rules or scientific laws: canonical nucleotide sequences.
      • Mathematics of or relating to a general rule or standard formula.


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