Thursday, 27 March 2014

When I'm King ...

Yeah, yeah, I know ... I said I was cutting back to weekly posts, but this one just sort of came about. :)

Dogs and their people will be allowed to play on tennis courts on soggy days 
(without risking $2,000 fines).

This scene will have a lot less heavy metal in it.

Businesses will use apostrophes (and silent consonants) correctly.
Good job, Lucky's!

These two freighters will be the only ones in the inlet.

Cities that never get snow won't be allowed to have hockey teams.

There will be taxes. Yep. The money will be used to provide excellent health care and education for all and to restore and protect the environment. The more dough you make, the more you'll pay ... nothing if you're just getting by, and no loopholes for bazillionaires. Actually, there won't be any bazillionaires, since it's just not possible to make such extravagant amounts of money without screwing people over somehow.

Goofy mascots will be optional.

Chocolate and coffee will be recognized as a food group.
(And the winner of Lotto Max will pay a crapload of tax.)

Shelter dogs and cats will be recruited en masse to work as service/therapy animals.

However, Freddie's nose will go back to sniffing whatever gross things it likes because the Faustman Lab will have received enough support to do away with Type 1 diabetes.

Tell me this face isn't therapeutic. :)

Now it's your turn: what will happen when YOU are king?


  1. katherine headrick28 March 2014 at 11:40

    Heather, I absolutely love your comment about Bazillionaires not making that much money without screwing people over somehow - this has been one of my favourite chants for years! And yes, that face is so therapeutic I had to look at it several times even though I have one just like it here! Wow, I can feel myself glowing with inner health and peace...

    1. Right now my therapeutic dog is elevating my stress levels by eviscerating his stuffed goose, which I *just* repaired for him. Argh. I'm going to look at the photo of *your* therapeutic dog, in the "Is it safe?" post! :)


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