Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stop the Roller Coaster! I wanna get off!

I've never liked amusement park roller coasters — the ancient one at the P.N.E. is especially horrifying — but I'd be willing to take a lot of rides on things with names like "Tower of Terror" or "Intimidator 305" if it meant I could get off this other beast ...

What we have here is a high enough high to feel gross, bookended by a couple of fairly incapacitatingly low lows.


And especially frustrating is the fact that none of these numbers was the result of D-Fiz apathy. I was trying hard to stay in range. Bah.

This is Freddie's alert for Low #2 (on the road — ugh), which I sensed before he did anything. "Hey, Freddie — am I low? ... Yes? ... Cute little tongue, but an earlier warning would've been helpful!"

I think he was distracted by these kids.

"I dunno, Freddie. Are you saying these coffee-swilling, angsty teenagers were more interesting than my blood sugar?? Could it at least have been someone doing tricks on a skateboard? Or a herd of Labradoodles romping off leash?"

 Even this sleepy ol' guy?

OK. Nuff diabetic crap. Let's get to some more interesting photos — including one I'm especially pleased with, but we'll start with one of my favourite subjects: trees!

I think this one is being protected from the construction chaos at St. Augustine's School.

Elephant Paw

The tree is a goner, but someone's concerned about the salmon (or are they dolphins?).

I don't think I've made any accidental friends — not in the way these guys mean — but I've had a few friendly chats with people who've stopped to see if I was OK after I've skidded out on my bike.

Boring photo, but feral crocuses by the rail tracks are worth capturing.
And here it is — la photo du jour:

Madonna in Chains

May your health stats be boring and your spirit free ...


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