Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Meditation ... for faithful followers

After the busyness of my last few posts, this is a simpler one. Two photos, along with a favourite quotation ... one that Paul used in his PhD thesis, that I then pilfered in my MA thesis, that came up in a very pleasant evening with good friends this past weekend, and that I recall whenever I encounter a certain brand of identity politics ...

“Is not literature meant to speak of our being a thousand different kinds of things, at times creating even this diversity? If literature gives up this purpose, this duty, it renounces all claim to legitimacy. I am Hungarian. I am Slovene. I am Serbian. You do not need literature for sentences like that. A bureaucrat will do, and a rubber stamp. A border guard. An Army.”

— Péter Esterházy

A thousand different kinds of things ...

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