Thursday, 20 March 2014

Game Face On: the Peevish Petter, Scene 3

I guess it's inevitable that the Peevish Petter and I are going to continue to run into each other. I'll let you know what happened (or didn't) this evening as Freddie and I were heading out for a walk ... but first, the rest of the day!

New Growth 1: In the Pink

 No indeed.

New Growth 2: The Bird That Was a Bud
(Look for it perched atop the pole ...)

The Sally Ann seems to be struggling through its LGBTQ conundrum, but they're in serious need of punctuation lessons ... 

Uh ... wow.

I now turn the camera over to Paul for a photo shoot on/in our rooftop gym. This shared deck, along with the covered one below it, was a deal maker for us when we were condo-hunting. Being able to see the water and the mountains this easily (our unit is right under Freddie's feet) is a luxury I hope never to take for granted.

Normally I'd be where Freddie is, and facing the other way, 
but then you wouldn't have had the gratuitous cleavage. ;-)

Multi-lift Stage 3

(The smile is just for show; normally I'm grimacing at this point.)

Good strength exercise for rowing
(especially with Labradoodle coach)

Speaking of my Labradoodle coach, Freddie has done two early morning alerts in the past few days. One of them was very emphatic — jumping across the bed, pouncing on me; the other was a bit more dozy and tentative. Sometimes, if I go low in the middle of the night, and Freddie is sleeping too soundly to notice, I (being dozy myself in such situations) don't bother waking him up. I just treat the low and go back to bed. If I want Freddie to respond to nighttime lows more consistently, I have to give him more practice. But I feel badly about waking him up and don't want him to associate his job with having his sleep disturbed. All I can say about this right now is Hmmmm.

The Gym Bin
(aka Heather puts her equipment up on the roof for everyone to use 
and hopes that no one will mind it being up there!)

Game Face!

Not exactly the expression I was wearing when, once again, the elevator doors opened and Freddie and I came face to face with the Peevish Petter. I probably looked as surprised and unnerved as she did (I hope I didn't look as scowly; maybe I did). But I felt game-facey. The only words spoken were my own, to Freddie: "Come on, Freddie! Let's go!" To which he responded by turning away from Ms. P.P. in her stylish raincoat and prancing to the front door, eager for his frisbee session at Hudson School.

What a drag this is, though.

Donation Bin City

(Having acquired some new-to-me items today — not "capri's" — I put a bag of stuff in the enviro organization's green bin to the far left.)

On our way home from the park, Freddie got game-faced by a dog across the street, whose person seemed, like me, to be working on reactivity. The other dog barked, and Freddie managed to keep his cool. Progress! I'm not yet ready to check off the relevant box in my 60-Day Challenge, but we're getting closer ... maybe ... I think.

Now, go put on a suitable face (game, sleep, whatever) and get 'er done!


  1. Taking your dog for a walk and doing other physically-engaging activities are essential in order for him to grow up healthy. I once had a black Labrador named Coco and I might have overfed and pampered him too much that he turned out overweight. Regular exercise and visit with a vet helped him get healthy again. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Vyvian Gorbea

    1. Thanks, Vyvian! And good job getting your dog healthy again!


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