Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sneaky Anniversaries and a Vow to Make Amends

It occurred to me recently that Walking With Freddie is approaching its six-month anniversary — not exactly The Vancouver Sun (doing its thing since 1912) in terms of longevity ...

... but long enough to catch me by surprise. It began in early Fall, and now (in Vancouver anyway), we're into early Spring.

Blossom time!

Boring photo, but the scene is oh-so-Vancouver.

Blogging — and getting back into (very) amateur photography after a long hiatus — has been a lot more fun and fulfilling than I expected.

Monet Time

One of the many things that has kept me blogging is connecting cyberially with complete strangers (sort of the way I do at the dog park). Speaking of strangers and dog parks, this guy (below) often sleeps next to the toilet block above the dog beach. He and Freddie scared the bejesus out of each other a couple of mornings ago when Freddie went chasing after a badly chucked ball (yes, of course I was the chucker). I took this photo from quite far away. 

I don't really care how this person ended up sleeping here. Well, I do care ... but whatever the reason, it doesn't change my sense that he shouldn't have to sleep by the frickin' toilet block (unless, y'know, he's a grad student doing some kind of sociological experiment). And all I've done is scare him with my dog, call "Sorry!" across the field, and take a photo. It's hard to know what, if anything, to do ... but I'm thinking some hot food as (small) compensation for a dog in the face mightn't go amiss. I'll report back.

Anyway, yes, connecting with strangers has been a great benefit of blogging. But the blog has also reconnected me with old friends — including Karen, with whom I went to high school and hadn't seen in yonks ... until this past weekend, when I returned the Mom-and-Dad-Mobile (no more road trips for now!), and she and I met up in the old 'hood for a walk (no photos this time, as we were too busy catching up, but I'll be sure to get some next time, when we introduce our puppies to each other!).

High-tide basketball season starts soon!

Goose Shot

(better than goose shit ... though Freddie would disagree!)

"Obviously your palate just isn't very adventurous."

But back to the reunion with Karen ... in figuring out how long it had been since we'd seen each other, I realized that I've been out of high school 30 YEARS this June. Holy crap ... that's just ... impressive? impossible? the way it is? OLD? I saw Leah briefly this morning, and we're thinking that we should organize our own very select reunion. All WWF readers who graduated from SDSS in the class of '84 (plus their teachers) are welcome!


Under the Bridge
(another nocturnal dwelling, I think)

Kultural Krossroad

I'm still bikeless. Replacement brake job should be complete soon.

Shadows and a Red Coat

 Time Is Money

Time Is Priceless

If Freddie's front legs look a little bare, it's that I had to hack them short to get rid of mats that developed on our Tofino beach holiday. Our shower didn't have an extendable hose, so we were unable to power-wash him! Still a handsome chap, though ... no?

 Back Lane Blossoms

Wishing you all, new friends and old, a very groovy day!


  1. Feel young, Heather. I have been out of high school 41 years this year. (If I could "bold" the font on 41, I would.) Sigh. And also, I think your photographer's eye is beyond "amateur" - don't forget you fooled many of us, via your photos, into thinking you were in other cities, other countries.

    1. Thanks, Leigh! Yes, "old" and "a long time" are relative. I know very youthful people who've been out of school 50 years and more.

      And thanks for your kind words about the photography. I'm riding entirely on my eye (and my camera's auto function), as I've forgotten almost all of the little I once knew about the technicalities. But that's OK. I can't really imagine asking Freddie to wait for God knows how long while I play around with f-stops and shutter speeds!


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