Sunday, 4 May 2014

Let the 3-month marathon begin!

After a marathon play session down at the dog beach with cousin Dusty and some other friends, Freddie and I watched the front runners in the Vancouver Marathon as they flew through Kits Point. Although my own fitness pursuits have hardly ever been competitive, or even goal-oriented, I still get a charge out of watching elite athletes do their eyes-on-the-prize thing ...

I think this guy was in 3rd place at this point. Couldn't get my camera out in time to capture #1 and #2!

 These folks were next.


I'm pretty sure this was the lead woman.

Don't blink!

And the marathon of my post title? That would be the summer teaching semester, which begins tomorrow! The term is 13 weeks long — two marathon miles for every week of class. But I refuse to count them down, or to be so focused on the August finish line that I fail to appreciate the scenery, the feel of the ground under my feet, even the rain and puddles and potholes ... at least until Week 11, anyway. That's my goal.

City by the Sea


Recall at Low Tide


The Waterfall Building, W. 2nd Avenue

Spot the tongue!

This shot is dedicated to my nephew-in-law, Mike, who is off to Red Deer, Alberta this week to begin his career as a city planner — one of the grooviest and most important jobs around, I think.

Mike likes bikes. For this and other reasons, he's going to be a stellar planner!

 Arbutus Sidewalk

Quilchena Dog Park ... but where are the dogs?

Finally ... friends!

The Word on the Street ...

And on that note ... Freddie, Paul, and I shall make our way to the starting line. See you at the first water station ... and have a gunk-free week, everyone!

Summer Term 2013

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