Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hung Over and Intoxicated, All at Once

Would you believe neither of these states has anything to do with alcohol?

I do love red wine ... and gimlet season has begun (Paul recently made me a tasty one with lime juice and stevia, instead of Rose's lime cordial) ... but this community bookshare cabinet fashioned from wine crates is the closest I've come to booze in the past two days.

(This bookshare is close to another very groovy one that I photographed here.)

The cause of the hangover?

Low blood sugar at 3 a.m., followed by fitful sleep for the rest of the night. Ugh. Freddie — burned out from a long day of meetings at the college — slept through it, though he has otherwise been doing quite well with early morning alerts.

I'd been planning to row this morning — my first time back on the water since capsizing last week — and since I was more or less awake at my usual rowing alarm time of 06:00, I got up and went to the lake.

This was the sky over 4th Avenue as I waited for the bus.

Rowing was great. Nice flat water, which I managed to stay on top of for the full 10km.

The low hangover hit when I got home. Headache, lethargy, fogginess ... ugh.

But a puppy still needs to walk! And even though Paul would happily have done all of Freddie's constitutionals today, it was such a beautiful day that I packed up some library books that needed returning, leashed Freddie, and dragged my hungover carcass out the door ....

... into the first really summery day of the season. Intoxicating!

Lilacs! The best smell under the sun.

(Lousy photo. I'll try to do these guys justice next time ... though the smell really is the thing.)

Thai Spirit House

Weather Vane

Make a Wish

At Play 1

Destination 1

(I refrained from taking any pics inside, as it was very busy.)

Destination 2

Behold ... the Nofo Dog Beach!

At Play 2

Cool Grass

And now ... it's 6:30 p.m., and I'm writing this entry OUTSIDE, on the balcony, with the scent of potted basil wafting in the air and our wind chime catching the odd breeze. Birds are chirping; Freddie's snoozing. Paul is making dinner. OK, there's also a truck idling in the lane and a weed whacker zizzing away in the distance ... but my hangover is pretty much gone, and there ain't much reason to complain.

Hope you're having a good evening, too ... thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lovely pics and text. Cheers, Pierre

    1. Thanks, Pierre! Great to hear from you!

  2. Lilacs ARE absolutely the best scent in the entire universe. I am guilty of plunging my face right into them as I walk along -- no matter whose yard they are in! Thanks for the summery story. (I notice that your little blog bio says "former" instructor at Langara. Former??

    1. Thanks, Leigh! No, definitely not "former." The summer semester begins on Monday. I'll have a poke around and see what got messed up!

  3. I can't believe how summery it is there!!! I miss lilacs so badly. We are only just starting to get buds on trees and the grass is a slightly greener shade of brown. So beautiful - thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Heather! I was going to say the summery weather is compensation for all the rain we get all winter ... but then it's not as if you and Charlie have had an easy winter!! Sending greener shades of *green* your way ....


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