Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How to Succeed at College ... Freddie's Way

1) Check your p-mail before you get to class!

2) Choose eco-friendly transportation!

[This is Doggy Ride Redux — replacement of v.1, below, which was evilly stolen back in March. This new one gets much more securely locked up in the parkade, with wheels removed and locked to my bike!]

3) Find a relaxing route!

[Freddie and I have a great route to school — once we get past the steepness and busyness of the 4th and Arbutus area. It's quiet and shady ... not many cars, in part thanks to traffic diversions such as the one below.]

4) Don't go to class hungry!

[Here we have my post-breakfast, mid-journey blood sugar. A bit high, but considering I still have several kilometres of dog-hauling to do (some of them uphill), I'm not taking any extra insulin at this point!]

5) Go to school with friends. They make it easier and more fun!

[This is true. My highly scientific studies show that students who sign up for classes with a friend or who make friends in class cope better when the going gets tough.]
6) Dress for success!

[This is true, too. Doesn't need to be fashionable or expensive, but dressing  for class they way you'd dress to go out with a new friend helps you feel like what you're doing is worthwhile and important.]

7) Get to know your campus resources ... 

[Freddie made sure to get on Security Officer Nathan's good side his first day at college — it wasn't hard.]

 [Secure bike parking!]
[Library duck pond!]

"But why can't I go in??" says Freddie.
 ... and rules.

[Personally, I would like to ride my bicycle down one of the A-Building hallways on a Thursday afternoon when no one is around, but whatever. More importantly, Langara College needs to update its dog sticker to say "Service Dogs"! They do have nice service dog posters inside, however.]
8) Find out your instructor's office hours, and use them!

[I made Freddie include this one.]

 9) Know where all your things are!

[Here we have Freddie's office crate, aka my desk. For logistical reasons, Freddie and I moved into Paul's office last summer ... so it's our second family home. Those tidy piles of books and paper will deteriorate as the semester progresses!]
10) Stay hydrated!

[You can't see the water dish, but it's there.]

[OK, this one's mostly mine, too.]
[Unless you're Freddie, in which case, resting and daydreaming are often appropriate.]

[Freddie's eye view of English 1107]
Studious Feet!

12) Studying is hard work. Plan for rest during your school day ...

... and recreation!

13) Go to school with friends (it's worth repeating)!

[This is Freddie's good friend and next-office neighbour, Greg. Freddie and Greg make each other a little crazy ... but in a good way!]
[Heading home for the day with best-pal Paul! Some days, Freddie and Paul get to leave early, while I slave away for another couple of hours. :-)]

14) Classrooms are stuffy. Spend time out in nature!

15) Meditate and reflect ...

[Tai Chi in Q.E. Park! Freddie and I pass by these folks on our way to school.]

16) Get a good night's sleep!

I wanted to add "Do your homework!" and "Follow the @#$% instructions!" 
but Freddie said this is his list, and I can do my own if I want. So there.


  1. Very cute! I loved seeing what your day is like through photos. :)

    1. Thanks, HB! I hope you and Charlie are having a great day. :)

  2. Freddie rolls in style! I love the dogs eye view of class, and getting the "day in the life". Fantastic!

    1. Thanks, Jen! I hope little Mort is on the mend ... poor guy!


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