Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Road Trip #2: So how does a "clothing optional" beach look in February?

Sadly, I don't remember precisely where it was — some kind of public space in Islamabad, I'm pretty sure. But I do remember having a friendly conversation with a Pakistani guy who had a relative in Vancouver and who was most interested in knowing if it was indeed true, as his brother or cousin had claimed, that Vancouver has a "naturalist" beach.

"Oh, yes," I said. "Wreck Beach. Near the university."
"And people truly remove their clothing there? Men and women both?"
"Yes ... well, not so much at this time of year."
"Why not?"
"It's a bit cold."
"Ah, yes. Canada. You have a lot of snow there, I believe."

Then the call to prayer sounded at the nearby mosque, and he took his leave.

No snow today on the rocks and sands of Wreck, but Freddie was the only naturalist we spotted. Lots of other photogenic stuff, however, on this next stop in our 2014 Winter Staycation ...

Ready, Freddie?

Nifty Drifty

 A bit of English countryside (ie. University Endowment Land) above the beach

A bit of history ...

Freddie and I making our way back down to the beach on one of several long, steep stairways (quite beautifully integrated into the natural surroundings) ...


Paul gets into the spirit.
(Between October and March, this beach is also leash-optional!)

Wreck Beach features two WWII gun turrets — originally mounted against a possible Japanese invasion, now a sniffing ground for curious Labradoodles ...

... and a canvas for graffiti artists.

Pretty pebbles aplenty

Water Dawg 1

Windswept Hikers

Better than Starbucks


There were two eagles flying above the trees, but, alas, they failed to show up in the photo ... or, rather, I failed to capture them.

In his young, rebellious years, Paul used to scramble up these dunes then return to the beach in four flying leaps ...

He explained the technique, and Freddie gave it a try.
Imago Hominis

 Water Dawg 2

Water Dawg 3

Beachside Business Meeting

Trail #6

That's all she wrote.


  1. A very interesting and nice blog.
    Greetings from Portugal

    Paulo Gonçalves

    1. Obrigado, Paulo! Your blog has beautiful photos. I just looked at the ones on the home page but will check out more of them. How the heck did you find Walking With Freddie?

  2. I wonder - when Paul was doing his youthful leaping down the dunes, was he clothing optional?

    1. Excellent question, Leigh! He says he will respond ...

  3. Reflect on my nickname. Consider how I may have earned it ...


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