Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Beam me to Sochi, Scotty! I've got the perfect thing to wear ...

They're soft ... they're warm ... they're so rainbow bright I really would love to show them off in Sochi (see this post for further thoughts on that) ... and I'm proud to say they're handcrafted by our dear and talented friend Diane ...

Introducing my new FAVOURITE SOCKS!

Having tried, and ultimately failed, to knit the most basic of sleeveless sweaters, I am in awe of the skill that went into these perfectly fitting socks. Thank you, Diane!!

Most of today's photos come from yesterday, when the weather was a wee bit more hospitable. Freddie and I do of course go out in the rain, but I'm currently doing quite a bit of micro-managing of his walking environment — following the guidelines of Grisha Stewart's "Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT)*" — with the goal of reducing his dog-dog reactivity (a kind of hyper-excitement that will interfere with his eventual certification if not dealt with). Anyway ... all this to say that micro-management (clicker, treats, Ninja maneuvers) + photography + rain is a difficult combo! Most of yesterday's shots were taken during sniff breaks, when it was clear no strange dogs were going to make a sudden appearance, or during off-leash play breaks.

*Sounds like something from A Clockwork Orange or 1984 but is actually quite groovy and innocuous.

Oh dear, Gregor ... trouble in Lotusland?

The kid knows how to dress for days like this ...


Leica (the one shaking) is a rescue dog from Bosnia. 
Her new family is also Bosnian.

This arrangement was quite funny. While the black dog did power digging, Freddie and Polly tried to catch clods of sand in their mouths. Yum.

Oops. I think Freddie took a scoop of sand in the eyes.

Cypress Street Totem

Top of the Totem Pole

Morning Delivery

And here we are at the bike shop, replacing the various gizmos that were stripped from my bike sometime last week.

If anyone hears of sales or second-hand deals on dog trailers for bikes, please let me know (figures our home insurance deductible is pretty much the same as the cost of a new trailer)!

Off to do more work on Freddie's BATting average!


  1. 1. Love a city where liberty (in either official language) can be delivered to the front door!
    2. I have successfully been able to knit one very long, very thin scarf for a doll in my life. That's it. So I'm not only in awe of the socks, but the fact that you even got partway into creating a sleeveless sweather.
    3. What?! Someone stole your dog trailer??! (Where was your bike when this heinous thing happened?)

    1. #1 Ha! Yes.
      #2 My sleeveless sweater amounted to a placemat, so on a par with scarves!
      #3 Yeah, I forgot to link the post that talks about it (it's linked now). The bike was locked to the bike rack in the underground parking; the trailer was only locked to itself.


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