Saturday, 4 April 2015

We're baaaaaack ....

... but not in this blog!

Walking With Freddie will remain in retirement (for now), BUT Freddie and I have a brand-new blog for you to check out:

Restaurant adventures in the company of Type 1 diabetes (whose table manners can be atrocious), a Labradoodle alert dog (whose idea of haute cuisine is raw chicken gizzards & tripe), and a charming human companion, who happily shares whatever's on his plate! Part restaurant review compendium, part dog-blog, part "My Dinner With André" lite ... Dining With Freddie won't replace Zagat or Michelin, but it promises to have more cute dog photos. Bon appétit!

So what qualifies yours truly to be writing restaurant reviews, you may ask? Not much, other than an appreciation for "shot-worthy" food, born of the need to jab myself most every time I eat! I'm sure I'll learn things along the way ... and, with luck, enjoy a few good meals. 

Oh, and speaking of qualifications, I'm pleased to say that Freddie is no longer "In Training" as a service dog. Since my last WWF post, he has passed all his public access tests and received official certification from the BC Ministry of Justice. Here is the card that gives him legal access to any restaurant on the continent, among other places (home address blotted out to ward off the paparazzi ;-)) ...

 And here is the Nose That Knows, after his first set of tests ...

Anyhoo, we'd love for you to check out the new blog (which, given our dining-out budget, will progress at a more leisurely pace than WWF). Just click on the link above, or this one:


  1. No way! So cool. I've been thinking about you guys and wondering what you've been up to. So glad you're back!

  2. Congratulations with relocation! Your new blog is awesome, I wish you to have a millions of reviews!


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